Graveyard Shift Morbid and Terrifying Details About David Parker Ray, AKA The Toy Box Killer  

Jacob Shelton
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There are some serial killers who will go down in history as the greatest monsters who have ever walked the earth, but none of them hold a candle to the scariest man to ever set foot in New Mexico, David Parker Ray. Also know as the Toy Box Killer, Ray kidnapped, raped, tortured, and murdered as many as 60 women from the mid-'80s all the way up to 1999, when he was finally captured after his final victim managed to escape and run down the highway in nothing but a dog collar. Together, these shocking facts about the Toy Box Killer form a picture of a man who saw the people around him as pawns in his sick game of manipulation, sex, and murder.

The story of David Parker Ray is a disturbing tale that only grows darker the more you look into it. He was a bogeyman walking the earth, who used women as his own personal sex toys - but he also had friends who knew exactly what he was doing in his “toy box,” a re-purposed trailer devoted specifically to sexual torture. The amount of depravity and lack of concern for human life in this story is enough to make you lose all hope for humanity. There’s nothing light in this story about David Parker Ray; a man whose entire life was built around rape and torture. After you finish reading about the Toy Box Killer, you're never going to look at a locked trailer the same way again. 

He Recorded a How-To Monologue for the Women He Kidnapped

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Imagine waking up groggy and not being able to move. You realize that you're not wearing any clothing and then you hear this [warning: link leads to the full transcript, which is extremely disturbing and graphic]:

Hello there, b*tch. Are you comfortable right now? I doubt it. Wrists and ankles chained. Gagged. Probably blindfolded. You are disoriented and scared, too, I would imagine. Perfectly normal, under the circumstances. For a little while, at least, you need to get your sh*t together and listen to this tape. It is very relevant to your situation. I’m going to tell you, in detail, why you have been kidnapped, what’s going to happen to you, and how long you’ll be here. 

That's the opening of David Parker Ray's monologue to his new victims, where he would explain who he was, that he was playing a "torture game," and that the victims were about to be brutally raped and tortured for the foreseeable future. Full transcripts of the tape exist, but no audio has ever made it onto the web, either because the tapes were destroyed, lost, or simply too horrible to listen to. 

Ray Also Committed Torture Involving Bestiality

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One of Ray's most horrific forms of torture proves that he was so far beyond having basic humanity, he may have never been a normal human being. In his opening monologue to his victims, he would detail a "party" that he would throw every once in a while where a woman would be locked in a steel cage that held her body in position so he and his friends could watch as she was raped by one of his dogs.

How his friends were able to justify all of this in their heads is mind-boggling. Maybe they had already seen so much, they were desensitized to even this sickening scenario. 

He Had Multiple Accomplices

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As hard as it might be to believe, David Parker Ray didn't work alone. Over the course of his tenure as New Mexico's scariest Parks Department employee, he met Cindy Hendy, a woman who was just as into torturing and raping young woman as he was. In his message to his victims, Ray mentions that they'll be servicing her just as much as they would be servicing him.

Aside from Hindy, he also worked with Dennis Roy Yancy, and together they tortured and murdered Yancy's ex girlfriend, Marie Parker.

Ray Brainwashed His Victims

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Something that gets glossed over in most of the reports about David Parker Ray is how much he was into the idea of brainwashing women. In the transcripts of his tapes, he details how he plans to let the women loose after he's finished with them, and it's eerily similar to MK-Ultra mind control techniques

I get off on mind games. After we get completely through with you, you’re gonna be drugged up real heavy, with a combination of sodium pentothal and phenobarbital. They are both hypnotic drugs that will make you extremely susceptible to hypnosis, autohypnosis, and hypnotic suggestion. You’re gonna be kept drugged a couple of days, while I play with your mind. By the time I get through brainwashing you, you’re not gonna remember a f*ckin’ thing about this little adventure. 

While there were a couple of women who managed to make it out of Ray's torture chamber alive, one actually believed that her memories of Ray's sexual abuse were no more than bad dreams until she was contacted by the FBI.