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The 13 Best 'David Vs Goliath' Moments in Anime, Ranked

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David and Goliath was a biblical tale about a warrior who took on a giant. Since then, the term has been used to describe any battle between a smaller, seemingly weaker combatant and their much larger foe. How do these fights play out in anime? Often, with the underdog emerging victorious. 

There are plenty of great David vs Goliath moments in anime. One Piece has so many that we had to include two and still couldn't touch on them all. There's also a ton of amazing scenes from Attack on Titan, but we had to go with Levi's masterful assault on the Beast Titan. Rurouni Kenshin features a surprisingly emotional scene where the smaller character isn't just stronger that the larger one, but is also deeply empathetic to the problems caused by their size. 

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    Levi vs Beast Titan - Attack on Titan

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    While this is far from the only AoT fight that fits this trope, it's one of the best. Also, unlike many of AoT's best fights, there's no chance of Levi transforming into a comparably-sized Titan. After watching the Beast Titan lay waste to his team, Levi barrels in on his ODM gear and slashes his eyes, ankles, and finally his nape, revealing the Titan's human form. Though Zeke gets away with help from the Cart Titan, Levi still accomplishes a hell of a lot more than most people could. 

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    Meliodas vs Drole & Gloxinia - The Seven Deadly Sins

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    Once the founder and god of the Giant Clan, Drole ended up working under the Demon King as the Patience of the Ten Commandments. This put him at odds with Meliodas. With help from Gloxinia, he tries to take the Sin down, but no matter what he tries, whether it's a physical attack or an attempt to take hostages, nothing works. Meliodas is just too strong. 

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    Z-Fighters vs Ape Form Vegeta - Dragon Ball Z

    Who would have thought that a coward like Yajirobe would be the one to resolve this fight? When Vegeta transforms into his Great Ape form and grabs Goku in his massive paws, it doesn't look like the smaller Saiyan is going to be able to escape. From his vantage point behind a large rock, Yajirobe flies out and lops off Vegeta's tail, undoing his transformation and turning the fight into a fair one. 

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    Izuku vs Giant Robot - My Hero Academia

    The U.A. Entrance Exam is notoriously tough. Examinees must display raw strength, strategic thinking, speed, endurance, and more to prove that they have what it takes to be a hero, all before they've undergone much specific training. When Izuku is first faced with the gigantic robot, he's intimidated to the point of despair. But he's distracted from his thoughts of wasting his training with All Might when he sees Ochaco trapped under a pile of rubble. He's not about to let the robot touch her, so he unleashes his One For All quirk and lets the robot have it with a superpowered punch. 

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