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The Grisliest Deaths Suffered By The X-Men Since Mutants Became Immortal

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Marvel’s merry mutants have been going through a bit of a movement of late in the world of comic books. The storyline known as Dawn of X has seen the X-Men and their associated characters go through enormous changes - including the founding of a mutant nation-state on the living mutant island of Krakoa and carving out a dominant position in the world’s economy through Krakoan technology and medicine - but, most importantly, the Dawn of X has been the death of the old ways and the dawn of the immortal mutant.

Sick and tired of seeing his people suffer, Charles Xavier - along with Magneto, Moira MacTaggert, and Apocalypse, who are the core of Krakoan leadership - devised a way for mutants to truly leave humanity behind by conquering mortality itself. Through a complex process that involves a Cerebro-facilitated hard drive of every mutant mind and the combined powers of resurrection specialists known as “The Five” - Hope Summers, Elixir, Proteus, Tempus, and Goldballs - Xavier is now able to bring any mutant who perishes back to life with few complications, and that’s a pretty big deal for a group that has traditionally been hated, feared, and hunted.

Of course, the resulting revolving door of mutant death has meant that the X-Men are now able to get away with being a lot less careful about their own safety - and that X-Men writers now have a free license to put characters other than Wolverine through as much gruesome punishment as they want with little in the way of long-term consequences. 

As such, mutants are now immune to death - and they’re also dying in record numbers. 

  • The truth behind Charles Xavier’s resurrection scheme would be revealed in due time, but before that can happen, House of X #4 ups the stakes considerably by wiping out several of the X-Men’s most prominent characters. 

    On a mission to a secret sun-orbiting space station where Orchis - a group of anti-mutant scientists - are clandestinely constructing a Mother Mold Sentinel factory, the X-Men are instructed to shut down the project at all costs, and they take that direction to the extreme.

    Running out of time before the Mother Mold goes online, Wolverine has Nightcrawler teleport him out into the exposure of space so that he can cut the enormous machine loose. Under the direct heat of the sun, Nightcrawler disintegrates instantly, but Logan’s durability allows him to stick around a bit longer - long enough to succeed in his goal and continue hacking away at the Master Mold as they both tumble to their doom amid the solar mass.

    The very next day, Wolverine is brought back to life back on Krakoa.

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  • Every mutant is able to walk through any Krakoan gate and instantly find themselves in the mutant nation-state of Krakoa - every mutant, that is, except for Kitty Pryde. While the reasons behind this exception to the rule have yet to be explored, the potentially deadly consequences of not fitting in with the new mutant status quo are made tragically clear in Marauders #6.

    While on a seafaring expedition for Krakoan interests, Pryde is betrayed by Sebastian Shaw, a member of Krakoa’s Quiet Council government. He targets Pryde with anti-mutant technology, paralyzes her, and throws her overboard to a watery demise. To make matters worse, The Five soon find that they’re unable to resurrect her - the first time they’ve failed to bring a mutant back to life.

    As of this writing, Pryde remains deceased. 

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  • When the X-Men are sent on a trip to take out a would-be Sentinel factory in space in House of X #4, few could predict that not a single one of them would make it home - particularly since the issue came out before the demise-defying prowess of The Five could be revealed.

    Tragically, Nightcrawler is one of the first to fall, and he does so in fiery fashion. Left with no other option, Kurt Wagner valiantly offers to teleport his dear friend Wolverine out into open space so that the Mother Mold apparatus could be cut loose. In doing so, Nightcrawler disintegrates almost immediately - but it would only be a matter of hours before he would return to life via a resurrection pod back on Krakoa. 

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    Kid Omega Loses His Head To A Portal

    One of the many ways in which the newly founded nation-state of Krakoa has become a major player on the world stage so quickly is due to the advent of Krakoan gates - literal flowers that can be planted anywhere and grow to form an instantaneous portal to the island that any mutant can use. In X-Force #4, however, the mutants learn how easily these gateways can be used against them.

    As the titular team sets out on a mission, their enemies blow up the Krakoan portal they’re using from the other side - with catastrophic results. Wolverine ends up sliced in half, though he’s able to survive the experience and even go on the attack. Quentin Quire, otherwise known as Kid Omega, isn’t so lucky - he’s only got his head through the portal when the explosion occurs, and so he gets decapitated.

    Fortunately, Quentin is able to be resurrected by The Five quickly enough to still participate in the rest of the mission - though he still finds plenty to complain about. 

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