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Button Mash Day One Must-have Games of PS4  

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Six of the best games on the new PS4 Console


Garrett is back in the city which is almost the same as we saw it last but yet totally different. Thief on PS4 will be one game that will glorify this genre on the next-gen consoles. Thief is all about graphical contents such as dark, lightning, distraction and deadly weapons and with PS4 claiming to be the master of all those trades, this game promises to “steal” your heart from the second you play it. - See more at: see more on Thief 4


Predecessor of a game that changes everything on a then new-gen PS3, this games promises to blow your mind away with freeworld gameplay, zillions of missions, intensive and refreshing gameplay.

Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag on PS4 claims to be the most ambitious AC yet. A fully open world will be at PS4 gamers disposal and with pirates flying in the air with swords around you, the stage is set for a grand slam entrance from Ubisoft on the next-gen console.
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A game that has been around for a year now will be any different on PS4? In simple terms no, it won’t be different it will be an experience incomparable to the current Diable 3. Diable 3 on PS4 can be bloody brilliant, the RPG is perfect and once we can slash some demons with pur newly polished PS4 controller, we will sure to share our combats with the world with ease.

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Call of Duty has been the king of FPS genre for some time now, expanding the limits of consoles to the max and by doing so undoubtedly bought the best out of the PS3 with breath taking experiences for COD fans.

Call of Duty: Ghosts will bring bullets, guns, explosions and ghosts soldiers that will be seen by every single gamer regardless of a fan of FPS or not. Call of Duty: Ghosts is a contender to be one of the most pre-ordered games on PS4, and yes i have pre-ordered my copy at tesco. 
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