Daycare Secrets You Don't Even Want To Know

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If you're lucky enough to call yourself a mom or a dad, we're sure you've considered child care at one point or another. Maybe it's because you'd like to keep working after having a baby, or maybe it's because you need some "me" time throughout the week. Whatever the reason, it's definitely important to consider every factor when it comes to choosing a daycare. No matter how much research you do, you should consider: What secrets is your daycare hiding from you?

If you live in the US and are trying to find the perfect daycare for your child, we can guarantee that you've most likely hit some roadblocks. For instance, did you know that most daycare teachers in the US are under qualified? Or that the employee turnover rates at most daycares are abnormally high because daycare teachers are paid atrociously? Not exactly comforting when considering who you want to watch over your child. In addition to staff problems, some daycares also employ pretty lax security policies, feed your children less than nutritious lunches, and provide activities for your children that actually stunt their emotional and physical growth, rather than help nurture it.

Though we're not saying all daycares are bad (and most of them are not), we do hope you take this daycare secrets list into consideration when choosing the perfect center for your child. Factor in some of these daycare secrets so your child can reach full potential!

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    There Are Warning Signs That You Should Pay Attention To

    Besides the other warning signs on this list, there are a few more that you should be mindful of. When visiting your child's facility, pay attention if children are unattended, brushed off when they ask for attention, or ignored when they are crying. Young tots need lots of love, so if your facility can't provide that, keep on searching. 

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    The Financial Burden Is More Than Most Families Can Handle

    Despite the fact that most families need child care in order to keep their jobs, daycares usually end up being the biggest financial burden of all. In fact, child care costs in the US are more expensive than rent in 22 states. In California, the cost for full-time care in a licensed center is equivalent to 40% of the median income for a single mother. 

    Source: New Republic

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    Don't Be Afraid To Donate

    Daycare centers thrive on and appreciate donations, and we're sure you have some extra toys, books, and other materials lying around at home that could use some love. If your child no longer needs or uses these items, be sure to check in with your daycare about donations so other children can enjoy them.

    Source: PFCCA of Georgia

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    Tour Your Daycare's Location, But Not During Nap Time

    Touring a prospective daycare is vital, however, you should not schedule a tour during naptime. This allows the facility to dim the lights (concealing how dirty the center is) and keeps you from seeing how teachers and kids interact. In order to get an accurate look at a daycare, you must tour the facility when things are up and running. 

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    Your Child Tells Their Daycare Everything

    Similar to a parrot, most children are experts in repeating everything they hear. If your child is old enough to speak, your daycare will hear everything that was discussed around the dinner table the night before. Even when you think you're telling your daycare worker the latest family news, that look of surprise on their face is usually a bit rehearsed.

    Source: How Stuff Works
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    Your Daycare Should Stay On Top Of Their Planned Schedule

    Organization can make or break a daycare, and it has long lasting effects on your child. An organized program needs to be well run, planned out, and flexible. If your daycare has a solid schedule, that usually means you've found a solid provider. We also suggest asking your kids about their daily activities; if your child frequently says they didn't do a planned activity, you have every right to contact the program's administrator.
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