What Happens When Pop Culture Characters Fuse Like In DBZ

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If you've ever wanted to know what your favorite cartoon characters looked like totally smashed together, the awesome artist Suraj Sirohi has you covered. Overflowing from the pen and onto social media accounts, Sirohi creates perfect cocktails of pop culture crossover art, blending iconic characters together into one, glorious montage of colorful features. Bask in the pop culture character fusion brought to you by a truly skilled and geeky artist that strives to bring nerds across the net a furiously fun combination of colorful characters from an array of nostalgic and fan-favorite pop culture phenomenons.

Suraj Sirohi, AKA surajsirohi1008, has filled an Instagram with pop culture characters fusing in the style of Dragon Ball Z, combining the signature features of the characters to craft all-new, and slightly disturbing, animated hybrids. With artistic talent and nerdy imagination, Sirohi flaunts creations of characters fusing like in DBZ in perfect form, blessing fans with, if not exactly the crossover fan art that the web needs, the fan art it deserves