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14 DC Characters Who Could Beat Thanos

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Who could defeat Thanos from the DC Universe? Well, as it turns out, a lot of people (and other mystical entities). The heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe are tough, to be sure, but there are some serious heavy-hitters over at DC who could give any of those characters a run for their money. 

Thanos has had some powerful and deeply disturbing moments. However, whether we're talking about Darkseid (who's basically the DC version of Thanos) taking on the Mad Titan, or any of the other characters who can bend reality in some way, there are plenty of characters who could defeat Thanos without his famed Infinity Gauntlet, and even some who could defeat him with it on. 

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    For all intents and purposes, Doctor Manhattan is a god. Thanos is all-powerful with his Infinity Gauntlet, but Doctor Manhattan is a living Infinity Gauntlet. 

    As Doctor Manhattan's powers continue to grow in Watchmen, he eventually decides to exile himself on Mars, where he effortlessly creates a beautiful city. However, Doctor Manhattan feels trapped and bored by his own universe, so he begins traveling to others, such as the universe populated by the more familiar DC heroes. 

    In 2011, DC Comics launched a publishing initiative called the New 52, in which most of their characters were de-aged to seemingly give new readers a chance to start fresh with the characters. However, in Doomsday Clock, it's revealed that Doctor Manhattan is the one who messed with the timeline and removed 10 years as a simple experiment. 

    Basically, reality is nothing but a game to Doctor Manhattan. At Manhattan's choosing, the Infinity Gauntlet and Thanos himself would cease to exist. Thanos may be able to control the reality of his universe, but Doctor Manhattan can slip between universes at will. 

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    Darkseid Is The Original Thanos, And He's A Lot Stronger

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    Darkseid was created by Jack Kirby in 1971. Two years later, Jim Starlin created Thanos for Marvel. So, while movie fans may think Thanos is the original spacefaring, superhero-fighting conqueror, that's not the case. 

    Darkseid is a super-strong, invulnerable god. He is the ruler of the planet Apokolips, meaning he controls legions of highly trained gods and demons. He wages war on his galaxy without the help of the Infinity Gauntlet. His goal is to control the Anti-Life Equation, which would eliminate free will in the universe and make him the leader of everything. 

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    The Spectre has the powers of the Presence, the omnipotent creator of the universe, at its disposal. He is a being of vengeance used by the Presence to enact his will upon the wicked. And Thanos is very, very wicked. 

    The Spectre bonds with human hosts, but that actually holds it back from its true power. In one storyline, the Spectre was unbonded with a host and went across the universe killing thousands of powerful evildoers. There's no reason Thanos should be able to stand in its way, either. 

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    A scientist named Bertron created Doomsday in an attempt to create the perfect life form. Doomsday was created in a way so that every time he perishes, he is reborn improved. Doomsday eventually found his way to Metropolis, where he terminated Superman. Doomsday then went on to travel to Apokolips, where he terminated Darkseid. 

    Superman only defeated Doomsday by using a time travel device to drop him off at the end of time. But, the message there is clear: Doomsday is unbeatable. Even if Thanos managed to defeat Doomsday once, Doomsday would evolve, and Thanos wouldn't win a second time. 

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