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Every Non-Green Lantern Hero Or Villain Who Has Worn A Power Ring In The DC Universe

If you think that the only DC characters who have worn a Lantern Ring are members of one of the color-coded Lantern Corps, you're in for a surprise. While the Green Lantern Ring typically seeks out those with the strongest willpower and inducts them into the Lantern Corps, many superheroes and villains have wielded a Power Ring without passing the test. And when you factor in all the other Lantern Corps that have emerged over the years, the list of comic book characters with Power Rings starts to grow.

Though there are plenty of established supervillains and superheroes with Power Rings, they've all been drafted into the various groups that wield the power of the Emotional Electromagnetic Spectrum. DC has also written plenty of Elseworlds, or "what if" stories that imagine someone besides Hal Jordan becoming the Green Lantern. But what about all those times other DC characters managed to get their hands on a Power Ring, even for a short time? Here's a rundown of all the major heroes and villains who have taken control of a Power Ring.

  • Photo: DC Comics

    Wonder Woman has always used love to fight evil. It's a theme that's come up again and again in the comics, so it's no surprise that the Star Sapphire Ring, powered by love itself, seeks her out during Blackest Night.

    When Carol Ferris's ring is duplicated, the Violet Ring doesn't let the fact that Diana is a zombified Black Lantern stop it. The Power Ring attaches itself to Wonder Woman, bringing her back to life and granting her even more power than she normally has.

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    During Blackest Night, former Guardian and Blue Lantern Ganthet creates new Power Rings for the seven colors of the Emotional Electromagnetic Spectrum. While the Flash gets the Blue Power Ring for hope, the new Yellow Power Ring goes to an all-too-likely recipient: Scarecrow.

    With the Sinestro Corps all about the power of fear, the terror-inducing Scarecrow is an obvious fit for the ring. The poor guy doesn't get to keep the power for long, though, as it's taken by another new ring-wielder who's powered by greed.

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    Barry Allen isn't the only Flash who's worn the Green Power Ring. During Mark Waid and Tom Peyer's Flash/Green Lantern: The Brave and the Bold, Kid Flash takes a speed-sapping blast designed for his mentor in a fight with Mirror Master and Black Mask.

    With his speed gone, Green Lantern gives Wally West a Power Ring and Kid Green Lantern is (temporarily) born.

  • Photo: DC Comics

    When Scarecrow and Flash gain their new corresponding rings, other heroes and villains get their own. For the Orange Power Ring, which is fueled by avarice and only has one wielder, Larfleeze, it's no surprise that its copy goes to a villain.

    Lex Luthor has spent his life obsessing over Superman and his incredible abilities. His whole worldview seems wrapped up in that envy, along with the desire to amass as much money as power, so it's no surprise that he's the perfect fit for a Power Ring that's controlled using greed. And as soon as Lex gets this incredible gift, he uses it to take more rings instead of help fight the Black Lanterns. He quickly loses it when Larfleeze hunts him down, however.