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Every Non-Green Lantern Hero Or Villain Who Has Worn A Power Ring In The DC Universe

If you think that the only DC characters who have worn a Lantern Ring are members of one of the color-coded Lantern Corps, you're in for a surprise. While the Green Lantern Ring typically seeks out those with the strongest willpower and inducts them into the Lantern Corps, many superheroes and villains have wielded a Power Ring without passing the test. And when you factor in all the other Lantern Corps that have emerged over the years, the list of comic book characters with Power Rings starts to grow.

Though there are plenty of established supervillains and superheroes with Power Rings, they've all been drafted into the various groups that wield the power of the Emotional Electromagnetic Spectrum. DC has also written plenty of Elseworlds, or "what if" stories that imagine someone besides Hal Jordan becoming the Green Lantern. But what about all those times other DC characters managed to get their hands on a Power Ring, even for a short time? Here's a rundown of all the major heroes and villains who have taken control of a Power Ring.

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    When it comes to non-Lanterns who have wielded Power Rings, Batman reigns supreme. Across numerous mediums and "what if" stories, the Dark Knight has controlled the Green Lantern's light a number of times. But even in core comics continuity, he's still been privy to the power of the Green - and Yellow - Ring.

    After Hal Jordan runs amok under the control of Parallax, it takes Batman a while to trust him again. Once he does, Jordan repays the favor by allowing the Caped Crusader to wear his ring and overcome the fear that plagues Gotham's defender.

    Later on, when Sinestro sends out Yellow Power Rings, one briefly bonds with Batman, who's known for using fear against his foes. But his willpower forces the ring off of him. But when the Sinestro Corps are beaten, Batman makes sure to squirrel away one of their Power Rings to add to his ethically dubious "in case of emergency" cache. When the villainous Power Ring of Earth-3 uses his Green Ring to wreak havoc, Batman puts on the Yellow Ring and uses its fear-based power to stop him.

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    Barry Allen has the distinction of having rocked two different Power Rings in his career. In Flash Annual #2, he puts on the Green Lantern Ring after his buddy Hal Jordan is unable to fight. 

    In Blackest Night, which saw the eruption of new Power Rings and fleshed out the Emotional Electromagnetic Spectrum in the DC universe, a number of heroes are temporarily inducted into the various Lantern Corps. The Flash gains the power of the Blue Lantern Ring, which harnesses hope, something Barry Allen has always inspired in others.

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    Green Arrow and Green Lantern have a long history together. Their opposing ideologies led to one of the most celebrated team-ups in comics history, and their bond still informs stories to this day.

    During Green Lantern: Rebirth, Hal Jordan is struggling after his time as Parallax. Low on willpower, Sinestro and the freed Parallax are causing all sorts of trouble. Luckily, Green Arrow has a Green Lantern Ring hidden away for just such an emergency. When Sinestro tries to take out Kyle Rayner, Green Arrow uses the ring to create his namesake and stop him.

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    In the wake of Doomsday taking out Superman, 1995 saw the release of Doomsday Annual, which explores the monster's journey prior to visiting Earth. In the tale, the villain encounters a Green Lantern, who he easily slays, nabbing his Power Ring in the process. With its abilities, Doomsday seeks out Oa, the home of the Guardians, forcing virtually every Green Lantern to try to stop the beast.

    Doomsday wipes out even more Lanterns, but he's ultimately stopped when a Guardian trades his life to defeat the supervillain. While he loses the ring, Doomsday keeps his life and continues on his inevitable trek to Earth.