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The Most Stunning Female DC Comics Supervillains

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Super villainesses from the DC Universe only.

There's just something about bad girls. The rush of a girl who can kick your butt is something special, too. When you combine these things, you get some of the most attractive women to grace the pages of comic books - the prettiest supervillains in the DC Universe.

Whether they've got daddy issues and insist on following in their father's evil ways, like Talia al Ghul, or are women who are just crazy (Harley Quinn) or are one of those special few who go both ways (Catwoman), there's just some magic about a villainess.

To commemorate the bad-girls of the comic world, here we breakdown the most attractive super villains in DC Comics. Who's the prettiest DC Comics super villain of all time? Vote up the gorgeous bad girls below. Check out these super attractive female supervillains. These DC female villains are the most beautiful of the bunch!

Enjoy this gallery of the prettiest female DC villains.