Fans Are Sharing Obscure Lore About The Heroes And Villains Of DC Comics

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The history of DC Comics is long and at times convoluted. Many of the more obscure but interesting details get lost in the shuffle to the big, major changes. These Redditors are pointing out smaller moments in DC Comics lore that deserve the spotlight.

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    Batman Haunted His Parents' Killer On A Monthly Basis

    From a former Redditor:

    After he became Batman, Bruce would put his suit on and haunt Joe Chill, who killed his parents, every month. The last time he visited Joe, Batman revealed his identity to him and gave him back the gun he used to kill the Waynes. Frightened of what his partners in crime would do to him if they​ figured that he "created" Batman, he shot himself.

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    Lucifer Exists In The DC Universe And Superman Once Ruled Hell For Him

    From Redditor u/cullercoats:

    Lucifer Morningstar is a prominent D.C./Vertigo character, and has his own graphic novel series based around abdicating the throne. 

    Superman briefly ruled Hell after Lucifer abdicated.

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    Flash Once Ran So Fast That He Created A Universe Where Bruce Wayne's Dad Was Batman And His Mom Was The Joker

    From Redditor u/Imalooney8:

    Flash once ran so fast that he literally rebooted the DC Universe. That's how we got the new 52, and it was the plot of the "Flashpoint" comic series. This was also how we got a timeline where Bruce Wayne was the one shot and killed in the alley, leading to Thomas Wayne becoming Batman and Martha Wayne becoming The Joker.

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    Superman Once Teamed Up With Orson Welles

    From Redditor u/AnarkistReese:

    Superman once teamed up with Orson Welles, the guy who did the radio broadcast for War of the Worlds, in order to fight off an invasion from alien space nazis.

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    Only One Person Can Turn On The Bat Signal

    From Redditor u/jonathanhl:

    There is only one person who can turn on the batlight. Stacy is a temp for GCPD, so she isn't officially associated with the police. Can't have one of the cops turn on the light and "support" the Batman.

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    Batman Isn't Really A Loner At All

    From Redditor u/yokayla:

    Bruce is thought of as a loner but in reality is rarely ever actually alone. Between being Brucie, all his love interests, JLA duties, his many kids and protégés, he probably has the busiest social life of anyone in DC.

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