The Best and Worst Vehicles in DC Comics

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Vehicles from DC Comics only. Upvote the most awesome, downvote the lamest of the lame.

Most of the time in comic books, characters get around via with some pretty cool alternative transportation. There are grappling hooks, jet packs, power rings, and of course, a bunch of superheroes can fly. The world of comics isn't exactly a car friendly environment, especially since most superheroes are based in cities, and traffic isn't conducive to crime fighting.

There are some exceptions though. Some super vehicles last for a few issues, while others are a staple of the character, regularly helping them get from point A to point B. Some are awesome (like the Batmobile), while some... aren't quite as cool (hello, Invisible Jet).

This list features all the vehicles from the DC Comics universe, from the glorious, to the lame, ranked by the Ranker Comics community. Cast your votes on cars below to join in and have your voice heard.