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The Best DC Crossover Events

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It used to be that it was a very rare occasion for fan favorite DC heroes to interact with each other in comic book stories. (Just take a look at how far apart the dates were in the beginning). Nowadays, it seems that a new announcement or teaser for an upcoming DC Comics crossover happens on a monthly basis. But which has been the best crossover in DC Comics history

Many DC crossovers deal with worlds ending and universes colliding like Crisis on Infinite Earths, and DC vs Marvel. Or sometimes it's enormous events occurring in one heroes life that effect the entire DCU like Death of Superman, Knightfall or Identity Crisis.  There are even epic crossovers so big that they cause an entirely NEW DC universe like 52.

We've collected what we think are some of the best crossover events in DC history. Make sure to vote up all the DC comic book story lines that are your favorite.