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There is no shortage of DC Extended Universe fan theories on the internet. Whether it’s Batman fan theories, Superman fan theories, Wonder Woman fan theories, or insane mega-conspiracies that tie every corner of the DCEU together, fans have not been shy about sharing their opinions about what’s “really” going on in the world of Gotham City and Metropolis. Though most DC fans won’t admit it, the fact that the DCEU’s storytelling has been more than a little confusing at times has only added to the appetite for fan theorizing.

DC movies (and comic book movies in general) often deliberately leave themselves open for fan speculation. It’s been a staple of the industry ever since Marvel Studios ended Iron Man with an internet-breaking tease for The Avengers. The DCEU has been intentionally ambiguous on many topics, and that’s allowed fans to determinedly pool their creative talents into filling in the gaps.

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The DCEU Is The Injustice Universe

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The Injustice Universe has quickly become one of the most popular “Elseworlds” in DC Comics continuity. Originally based on a video game, Injustice became an even bigger sensation with the start of a comic book adaptation, which is still ongoing six years later.

Many, like Reddit poster Kalfira, think that the DCEU has noticed the success of Injustice, and are taking the films in that direction. The alternate reality of Injustice features a Superman gone bad, embroiled in a war for control of the planet with Batman and his team of insurgents.

The "Knightmare" future glimpsed in Batman V. Superman definitely looks like something out of Injustice, and it would justify the grim and gritty style the films appears to aim for. It would also explain Flash’s cryptic warning of “Lois is the key,” as the death of Lois Lane is what precipitates the events of Injustice.

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Aquaman Saved Superman… With Whales!

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Aquaman (Jason Momoa) is scheduled to make his debut in Justice League, but some, like Alex Welch at SchmoesKnow, believe he’s already appeared in the DCEU. In a scene in Man of Steel, Superman (Henry Cavill) is knocked out and thrown into the ocean by an exploding oil rig. As he floats there unconscious, two whales are seen approaching, and next thing you know, Superman is safe on the shore.

It’s easy to see why some think that Aquaman used his power to communicate with sea life to send a couple of whales to Superman’s rescue.

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The DCEU Media Has Sworn Off Reporting On The Batman

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How is it possible that Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) is just now becoming aware of the Batman (Ben Affleck) in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, despite the fact that the incredibly prolific vigilante has been active in the city next to Metropolis for decades? According to a theory by Reddit poster come-on-now-please, that may be intentional.

It’s been long-established that the Gotham City Police Department plays along with Batman’s activities, and perhaps the media in the area does as well. Much of Batman’s intimidating presence relies on the mystique surrounding his character, and a partial media blackout on in-depth reporting about him would keep that air of mystery alive. This could be why Daily Planet chief Perry White (Lawrence Fishburne) is so adamant that Kent does not pursue the Batman story. 

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General Zod Has No Penis

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The delightfully named Reddit user Jetpack-Guy has come up a theory that sounds silly, but actually makes a frightening amount of sense. In short, General Zod (Michael Shannon) has no penis. The evidence is surprisingly sound. Zod was genetically engineered to be a soldier and a military leader, and that may have meant no need for reproduction.

Zod has been traveling around with other Kryptonians for a while, thinking they were the last of their people, and have yet to attempt to repopulate – perhaps because of Zod and his cronies lack reproductive organs.

Most damning of all, in Batman V. Superman, Doomsday is created from the body of Zod, and very clearly has no genitalia. This unfortunate trait could even explain General Zod’s beef with Superman’s family. Zod freaks out when he discovers that Jor-El broke Kryptonian law and had a natural-born child. Is that really because Jor-El went against the rules, or is it straight-up penis envy?

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