Small Foreshadowing Details In DC Movies That Fans Noticed

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Despite Marvel's massive success that's happening now with the MCU, DC and Warner Bros. have been making amazing movies off DC Comics' characters for decades. The first successful comic book film belongs solely to DC, and it's possible that there wouldn't even be an MCU had it not been for 1978's Superman. Since that movie came out 40+ years ago, comic book films have prospered, and DC has made a ton of them.

Because comic book and movie fans are an inquisitive bunch, plenty of people have noticed interesting foreshadowing details in the movies. One scene that leads to another may go by unnoticed by most viewers, but some eagle-eyed fans who post their findings on the MovieDetails subreddit know what they truly mean. 

Check out this list of foreshadowing details from DC movies down below, and if you find one that you particularly enjoyed, make sure to give it an upvote to see which one rises to the top!