The Most Powerful Technology In The DC Universe, Ranked By Destructive Force

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The most powerful technology of DC Comics can save worlds or destroy them. Metahumans, good or bad in the DC Universe, derive their powers and abilities from high-tech devices. Sometimes, it's the same person using a device for good and then later changing their minds. Technology from DC Comics can rival the power of the gods, meaning the tech can just as easily create life as it can destroy it. 

Sometimes, Batman creates a satellite meant to monitor heroes that is later used by villains to take out those same heroes. Other times, there are devices like the Motherbox, which are used for benevolent reasons by the gods of New Genesis and destructive reasons by their brother gods on Apokolips. To quote a different company, "With great power comes great responsibility." There's no greater power than the technology featured in the DC Universe, which indicates there must be great weapons floating around, too. 

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    The Mobius Chair

    The Mobius Chair
    Photo: DC Comics

    What Is It? The Mobius Chair is a transportation device capable of traveling through space and time. 

    Who Made It? The Anti-Life Monitor, AKA Mobius, created the Mobius Chair to discover the secrets of the universe. However, the chair is typically used by Metron, a New God who is obsessed with knowledge. 

    How Could It Break The Universe? The Mobius Chair can travel through space and time, and that's not even its most powerful ability. The chair grants its user nigh-omniscience, meaning anyone who sits on the Mobius Chair basically knows everything. One can only imagine if a villain like the Joker were to sit on the chair. 

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    Photo: DC Comics

    What Are They? Motherboxes are portable supercomputers with legions of hidden abilities, including teleportation and energy manipulation. 

    Who Made Them? Motherboxes were created by the New Gods on New Genesis. Specifically, Motherboxes were created by a New God scientist named Himon. 

    How Could They Break The Universe? Motherboxes are sentient computers that provide their users with a large number of incredible abilities, thanks to the Element X inside of them and their connection with the Source of all things. They present their users with the complete knowledge of the New Gods, they can summon Boom Tubes, and they manipulate energy (among a plethora of other abilities). In the hands of the New Gods of New Genesis, they are tools for good. In the hands of the evil rulers of Apokolips, they are forces of utter destruction. 

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    Green Lantern Ring

    Green Lantern Ring
    Photo: DC Comics

    What Is It? The Green Lantern Ring is a power ring capable of harnessing a user's willpower to create energy constructs. 

    Who Made It? The Guardians created the Green Lantern Rings as a weapon for their intergalactic police force, the Green Lanterns. 

    How Could It Break The Universe? The Green Lantern Rings are incredibly powerful. The energy constructs they create are only the peak of their abilities. They can also be used as a prison, an encyclopedia, a translator, to occasionally see the future, and many more awesome abilities.

    Versions of the power ring have been created for villainous corps, such as Sinestro's Yellow Lanterns. However, even the Green Lantern Rings themselves have been used for evil. For instance, for a time, Hal Jordan became Parallax and went bonkers. He was able to use his ring to recreate the entirety of the destroyed Coast City. Jordan managed to then charge his ring further with the Central Power Battery and terminated the Guardians of the Universe. 

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    The Blue Beetle Scarab

    The Blue Beetle Scarab
    Photo: DC Comics

    What Is It? The Scarab is an alien artificial intelligence capable of bonding with a user and granting them a number of incredible abilities. 

    Who Made It? The Reach is a militaristic race of alien conquerors. After their galactic conquest was brought to a standstill by the Green Lantern Corps, the Reach realized they needed a better, more secretive way of invading alien worlds. So, they devised the Scarab. 

    How Could It Break The Universe? Multiple heroes of Earth have used the Scarab to become the Blue Beetle, using the Scarab's powerful abilities (flight, pincer blades, energy blasts, etc.) to fight for justice. But, the Scarab's true purpose is to be sent by the Reach to alien worlds, bond with a native, create a powerful infiltrator, and destroy the world from the inside out. 

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    The Cosmic Treadmill

    The Cosmic Treadmill
    Photo: DC Comics

    What Is It? The Cosmic Treadmill is a treadmill that allows super-speedsters to travel through time while running on it. 

    Who Made It? Barry Allen's stories have long involved time travel. Soon after his first experience accidentally traveling to the past, Allen decided to create a device that would allow him to accurately and safely traverse time. This led to the invention of the Cosmic Treadmill. 

    How Could It Break The Universe? Time travel is inherently dangerous, and Barry's own meddling with the time stream has led to the creation of villains like Reverse-Flash and Zoom. A villain with access to time travel could undo all human progress if they so desired. 

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    Brother Eye

    Brother Eye
    Photo: DC Comics

    What Is It? Brother Eye is a sentient satellite. 

    Who Made It? Batman is a longstanding member of the Justice League of America who commands the respect of his peers even with no powers. However, being the odd man out without superpowers can be a great disadvantage, like the time Batman's mind was wiped by Zatanna so he wouldn't remember a misdeed she committed. Batman's memories eventually came back to him, though, and his memory of Zatanna's betrayal made him wary of the League. Thus, Batman decided to create Brother Eye as a means of spying on his fellow heroes. 

    How Could It Break The Universe? Brother Eye has an incredible amount of data regarding every metahuman on Earth. Villains like Ra's al Ghul have exploited this data to take down the League. At one point, Maxwell Lord managed to combine Brother Eye with his OMAC tech so that the sentient satellite controlled an army of robots bent on eliminating every metahuman. 

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