The Most Powerful Weapons In The DC Universe, Ranked By Destructive Force

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When people think of DC Comics and their expansive universe dating back more than 80 years, most focus on the impressive characters: Superman, Wonder Woman, and the sad orphan in the flying rat costume. Few consider the most powerful weapons of DC comics: a massive arsenal of immensely powerful tools and deadly substances. Of course, Marvel comics weapons are also inarguably cataclysmic, but DC may have the most potent armory in all of comicdom.

While DC comic heroes will always be front and center, it's occasionally fun to focus on the infinitely powerful devices, tools, and armaments in their stories, wielded by the forces of both good and evil. Batman's utility belt doesn't stand a chance against the destructive force of these reality-bending weapons.

  • The Helmet Of Fate
    Photo: Justice Society of America / DC Comics
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    The Helmet Of Fate

    What It Is: The Helmet of Fate is a powerful and ancient magical artifact. It was created, alongside the Amulet of Anubis and the Cloak of Destiny, by the Lord of Order, Nabu. When the three objects are combined, the bearer is transformed into (and given the power of) Doctor Fate.

    What It Does: The Helmet of Fate grants the bearer nearly infinite magical powers. In addition to telekinesis, flight, levitation, enhanced strength, and the ability to resist most forms of attack, the helmet exponentially enhances magical abilities.

    Those who wear the helmet can perform astral projection, dimensional and energy manipulation, are granted enhanced intellect, pre and postcognition, phasing through objects, time travel, interstellar and interdimensional teleportation, and transmutation. Oh, and immortality, just for fun. Anyone wearing the Helmet of Fate is easily one of the most powerful beings in the DC Universe.

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  • Mobius Chair
    Photo: Darkseid War / DC Comics
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    Mobius Chair

    What It Is: The Mobius Chair is a device first introduced in New Gods #1 in 1971. It was created by Jack Kirby for the New God Metron to use as transportation. Like Mother Boxes, it's made of Element X. 

    What It Does: The Chair has a number of spectacular abilities. It can travel across space, move forward and backwards in time, travel to other dimensions, emit tractor beams capable of towing entire planets, make the person sitting in it invulnerable to most attacks, and even create new technologies. 

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  • Anti-Life Equation
    Photo: Absolute Final Crisis / DC Comics
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    Anti-Life Equation

    What It Is: While not necessarily an object in the literal sense, the Anti-Life Equation is a formula which enable anyone to achieve immeasurable power over living beings. It was created by Jack Kirby for his Fourth World setting, and is the obsession of the villain Darkseid, who seeks to rule the universe.

    What It Does: Understanding the Anti-Life Equation allows one to have complete and total control over the minds of other sentient beings. It has been described as a mathematical proof of the futility of living. It has been revealed as the following (use with caution):

    loneliness + alienation + fear + despair + self-worth ÷ mockery ÷ condemnation ÷ misunderstanding × guilt × shame × failure × judgment n=y where y=hope and n=folly, love=lies, life=death, self=dark side

    The Anti-Life Equation does have a counterpart, the Life Equation, which was also shared with comic fans: 

    companionship + understanding + assurance + joy + altruism ÷ respect ÷ commendation ÷ sympathy x innocence x dignity x success x acceptance y=n where y=despair and n=caution, love=truth, death=rebirth, and self=light side

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  • Mother And Father Boxes
    Photo: DC Comics
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    Mother And Father Boxes

    What It Is: Mother Boxes and their counterparts, Father Boxes, were created using Element X by a New Genesian scientist named Himon. They are sentient supercomputers, with powers nobody in the DC Universe truly understands. They first appeared in the comics back in 1971's The Forever People, and were created by Jack Kirby.

    What It Does: It might be easier to state what a Mother Box can't do, but it's not truly known. They have the ability to create Boom Tubes used for instantaneous transportation across the multiverse, can heal the sick and injured, alter a gravitational constant, transfer forms of energy from one place to another, enable faster-than-light communication, and manipulate the life-force of any lifeforms. Additionally, a Mother Box was instrumental in the creation of the DCEU superhero Cyborg, featured in the 2017 film Justice League

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  • Lantern Rings And Batteries
    Photo: Emerald Twilight / DC Comics
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    Lantern Rings And Batteries

    What It Is: Power Rings and their associated lanterns harness the force of the emotional spectrum. Originally, there was only the Green Lantern Corps, which utilized willpower to fuel their rings. Over the years, the full spectrum of emotions have developed into multiple Corps across the Universe. 

    What It Does: Each section of the spectrum has its own unique capabilities, but most ring-bearers can create constructs of anything they can imagine, project force fields, and shoot energy blasts.

    Yellow (fear) can instill terror in others, blue (hope) can heal, red (rage) can hinder other rings, orange (greed) can consume the constructs made by others, violet (love) lights the truest desires in others, indigo (compassion) can emulate other ring-bearer's powers, black (death) animates the dead to fight on their behalf, and white (life) has access to all colors of the emotional spectrum.

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  • Miracle Machine
    Photo: Final Crisis / DC Comics
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    Miracle Machine

    What It Is: The Miracle Machine is a device first introduced in the pages of Adventure Comics #367 in 1968. It was given to the Legion of Super-Heroes in the 30th Century by the Controllers, as a thank you for their help in defeating a renegade Controller.

    What It Does: The Miracle Machine has the ability to convert thoughts into reality. It can literally create anything a person can imagine, but it's incredibly sensitive. If one were to think, for even an instant, that they want to die, it would happen. In the hands of the Legion, it helps to defend Earth from attack. In the wrong hands, it could be used to create and destroy anything and everything in the universe.

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