14 DC Villains Who Could Test The Limits Of Wolverine's Healing Ability

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To figure out how Logan would fare in various Wolverine vs DC villains matchups, one first needs to look to the comics to see who defeated Wolverine in the Marvel Universe. Wolverine may be hard to kill, but it's not impossible (not to mention the things that have been done to Wolverine that are worse than death). 

Wolverine has a lot of key weaknesses that can be exploited by certain villains over at DC. Similar to a Pokemon battle, it's all about getting the right type of matchup if you want to destroy this X-Men staple. For example, Wolverine doesn't do well in water, so if only there was a certain DC villain who has achieved a mastery over the oceans. Whether a villain wants to destroy Wolverine or all of reality around Wolverine, there are ways to get the job done. 

  • Doctor Manhattan Would See If Wolverine Could Heal Himself From Non-Existence
    Photo: DC Comics

    Wolverine is known for his incredible healing abilities. Logan can regrow limbs and reattach his head. And, with the recent mutant resurrection happening on the mutant nation of Krakoa, even if a villain did manage to take him out, he could be brought back by the Five. So, what does Wolverine have to fear from any physical adversary? 

    Enter Doctor Manhattan. Doctor Manhattan, formerly known as Jonathan Osterman, is a nuclear physicist who gained incredible god-like powers after an accident. As his powers grew, Doctor Manhattan became more and more detached from the people around him, and he eventually found himself detached from reality altogether. The recent Doomsday Clock event revealed that Doctor Manhattan became so powerful, he started to wander through the multiverse and manipulate reality for fun. Doctor Manhattan found himself in the DC Universe proper, and he warped reality so much that he was responsible for stealing time from the universe and creating the world of the New 52. 

    Wolverine can heal from anything, but Doctor Manhattan could make it so Wolverine never existed in the first place. Please, heal from that, Logan.

  • The Anti-Monitor Could Bring Down The Universe Around Wolverine
    Photo: DC Comics

    In Secret Wars, all of existence is wiped out, and Wolverine is shown to fare no better than any of the other heroes during its destruction. This means there's one clever and relatively simple way to destroy Wolverine: Simply destroy everything else around him. Like, as in the whole universe and everything that exists. Luckily, the Anti-Monitor lives to do just that. 

    The Anti-Monitor is a cosmic force created for the sole purpose of destruction. He's basically DC's Galactus, except he's not satisfied with simply destroying planets. The Anti-Monitor uses his anti-matter blast to literally unmake creation. So, bye, Wolverine! 

  • Superboy-Prime Could Punch Wolverine Out Of His Reality 
    Photo: DC Comics

    Superboy-Prime is a variation of Clark Kent that was sent into a different dimension as Krypton was dying instead of just to a new planet. This Superboy later saw the real DC Universe for the first time during Crisis on Infinite Earths, where his reality was wiped out, and he was sent to live on a paradise Earth with other dimensional refugees. But Superboy became unhappy there, so he began to punch the wall of reality that kept them on the perfect Earth, which did enough damage that it changed reality for good on other universes. 

    Superboy-Prime isn't just a purely evil version of Superman; he's also ridiculously more powerful than Superman has ever been. For example, Superboy-Prime was able to capture Mr. Mxyzptlk, a fifth-dimensional imp who controls reality and has spent years messing with the regular Superman. 

    A punch from Superboy-Prime would either vaporize Wolverine or send him flying into a different dimension. Or Superboy-Prime could go searching for a villain that has more of a direct effect on Wolverine and make them do his dirty work. 

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    Darkseid Would Instantly Disintegrate Wolverine With His Omega Beams

    Darkseid Would Instantly Disintegrate Wolverine With His Omega Beams
    Photo: DC Comics

    Wolverine is an incredible fighter, but in a lot of ways, he’s more of a street-level hero. Sure, he can take blasts from a variety of highly powerful opponents, but at the end of the day, he’s just a decently strong guy with claws. He’s not the guy to go up against Thanos or the guy to go up against DC’s Thanos equivalent, Darkseid

    Wolverine is a guy on a motorcycle with a bad attitude; Darkseid is an immortal god who controls an entire planet (not to mention he has an even worse attitude). Darkseid could defeat Wolverine in any number of ways, but his Omega Beam is the best way to ensure that Wolverine doesn’t make a comeback. His Omega Beam is a blast that never misses (it locks on to targets and has even hit speedsters in the past) and disintegrates any opponent it touches. Yes, disintegrate. As in, nothing for Wolverine to grow back from.

  • Mr. Mxyzptlk Would Give Wolverine Fifth-Dimensional Obstacles He Couldn't Just Slice Through
    Photo: DC Comics

    Mr. Mxyzptlk is one of the single most frightening beings in the DC Universe. He’s a cosmically powered prankster who can alter reality on a whim. All of reality should count itself lucky that Mr. Mxyzptlk is obsessed with Superman and would rather waste his time devising games for Superman to overcome than do any actual harm. 

    A Mr. Mxyzptlk/Wolverine battle isn’t a battle at all. Mr. Mxyzptlk is an annoying god, and everyone knows Wolverine has no tolerance for being annoyed. Mr. Mxyzptlk could zap Wolverine out of existence, but he would be much more likely to toy with Wolverine for all of time, making Wolverine wish he was zapped from existence.

  • Doomsday Would Match Wolverine Blow For Blow And Keep Coming Back
    Photo: DC Comics

    Wolverine is a mascot of a company who can recover from any blow he receives. So, for enemies who can defeat him, one should look no further than those who have defeated mascots of other companies who can recover from any blow. Basically, let’s look at villains who have beaten Superman. 

    Superman famously met his match in the '90s after a battle with the incredibly overpowered Doomsday. Doomsday is the product of a demented science experiment intent on creating the perfect monster. As an infant, Doomsday was subjected to hellish, inhospitable environments and repeatedly slain. But after every demise, Doomsday was resurrected into a new form that was a little bit stronger. Eventually, he became the ultimate killing machine that would resurrect after every death into a new being that couldn’t be killed again by anything that had previously slain him. 

    Doomsday is the perfect antagonist for Wolverine because after Wolverine slays him and heals in the first match, Doomsday would return as a being even more powerful that’s no longer able to be taken out by Wolverine. Doomsday is bigger and stronger than Wolverine and will never stop coming. These two would spend the rest of eternity going at each other’s throats.