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Plot Holes From The DCEU That Fans Couldn't Help But Notice

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Beginning in 2013 with Man of Steel, the DC Cinematic Universe includes blockbuster films featuring superheroes such as Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. With deep backstories and complex, overlapping mythologies, these hit movies have been hugely successful, but that doesn't mean they're impervious to scrutiny. Fans of films like Wonder Woman 1984 and Justice League have found quite a few plot holes and inconsistencies across the DCEU. Some are simple, like the fact that Wonder Woman should definitely know what marriage is from her readings of Socrates. Others use the chronological timeline to make their case, such as the plot hole that if Aquaman was named after Hurricane Arthur like is stated in his standalone film, he'd only be two years old at the time of the story. There are even issues that take a look at the bigger picture, pointing out that Superman doesn't really need Batman in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

If you love the DC movies and have a knack for finding logical problems on screen, check out this list of DCEU plot holes found by fans.

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    Aquaman Magically Transports Out Of The Sahara

    Photo: Aquaman / Warner Bros. Pictures

    From Redditor /u/tacos_y_burritos:

    How did Aquaman exit the Sahara desert?

    They jump out of a plane and then fall down a very long slide. How did they return to the surface and then return to civilization? There wasn't a landing pad, vehicle, or body of water around.

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    Black Manta Is A Terrible Submarine Pirate

    Photo: Aquaman / Warner Bros. Pictures

    From Redditor /u/Dainn99:

    I just rewatched Aquaman and other than the fact that shooting a grenade launcher into the side of a submarine isn’t the smartest idea it seems like both of them forget they are wearing high tech scuba gear. Black Mantas dad forces him to leave because the water is rising but he could have easily ran and grabbed his dad and himself a helmet. Once the water rose high enough they would have been able to move the torpedo because they are designed to be only slightly negatively buoyant. 

    All things you would think Submarine Pirates would be familiar with, scuba gear and torpedoes but I guess they know more about Atlantean technology.

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    Wonder Woman Should Know What Marriage Is

    Photo: Wonder Woman / Warner Bros. Pictures

    From Redditor /u/Ottomanmeth:

    [Wonder Woman] Diana can recite Socrates in Ancient Greek, yet she doesn't know what marriage is?

    This is utter nonsense since Socrates talked about marriage a lot.

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    Superman Shouldn't Need Batman To Save Martha

    Photo: Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice / Warner Bros. Pictures

    From Redditor /u/946789987649:

    Seemingly Superman can sense people around the world (as he found Lois so far away and managed to come and save her in time), why did he then need Batman to save his Mum? Could he not find her himself, save her, and then go catch Lex all before the hour was up?

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