Small Details Fans Noticed About The Women Of The DCEU

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Comic book movies have been a big thing in Hollywood since the first Superman film hit theaters in the '70s, and DC has been releasing similar fare ever since. In an effort to create a wider cinematic universe that includes more of its characters, DC Comics and Warner Bros. launched the DC Cinematic Universe in 2013 with Man of Steel. Some of the films that followed didn't fare as well, but the DCEU has continued pushing out films for its diehard audience and has found plenty of successes over the years.

Because comic book fans are an inquisitive and detail-oriented lot, many have looked into the DCEU's movies to find tons of small details about the women of the DCEU that most viewers missed the first time around. The fans who spotted many of those small details have taken to the MovieDetails subreddit to share their findings.

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    Chief Secretly Reveals His True Identity To Diana: Napi, A Demigod Trickster

    From Redditor u/missjardinera:

    In Wonder Woman, this is the first time Diana ever accepts an offered handshake. Unless you speak the Blackfoot language (unlike other non-English dialogue, this conversation has no subtitles), you might miss that Chief then reveals to Diana his true identity: Napi, a trickster demigod.

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    Sir Patrick Isn't Startled Because Diana Is A Woman, He's Startled Because He Recognizes Her True Identity

    From Redditor u/hairhair2015:

    In Wonder Woman (2017), when sir Patrick sees Diana in parliament he reacts strongly. You are meant to think that he is reacting this way because she is a woman in a place for men. He is really reacting like this because he recognizes that she is the Godkiller sent to destroy him (Ares).

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    The TV Show That Inspired The Creation Of Harley Quinn Can Be Seen In The Background Of A Scene In 'Birds Of Prey'

    From Redditor u/fmvra1s:

    Birds of Prey (2020) features a cameo by original Harley voice actress Arleen Sorkin in the form of the TV episode that inspired Paul Dini to come up with the initial concept for Harley Quinn.

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    Harley Quinn's Bat In 'Suicide Squad' Pays Homage To Her Animated Beginnings

    From Redditor u/Tokyono:

    In Suicide Squad (2016), the writing on Harley Quinn's baseball bat is a quote from her first appearance in Batman: The Animated Series, specifically the episode “Joker's Favor."

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    One Of Diana's Costumes In 'Wonder Woman' Pays Homage To The TV Series

    From Redditor u/dancingbanana123:

    Wonder Woman's (2017) blue dress is a nod to the 1975 Wonder Woman series.

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    Harley Quinn's Comment In 'Birds Of Prey' Pays Homage To The Character's Creators

    From Redditor u/Comic_Book_Reader:

    At the beginning of Birds of Prey (2020), Harley Quinn says her dad "traded me for a six-pack of beer.". Said six-pack is a "Timm Dini Beer," with a "1992" on it as well. This is a nod to Bruce Timm and Paul Dini, who created Harley for Batman: The Animated Series, which first aired in 1992.