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The 14 Dumbest Decisions By Characters In The DCEU

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There are many DCEU plotholes that have plagued fans over the years. What's wild is that most of these wouldn't have been possible had the characters not behaved in such a stupid fashion. These characters have made their fair share of dumb decisions that have sacrificed lives and brought themselves to ruin. At other times, their choices and ideas were just too silly to begin with, and it's a wonder why they would ever think they were good.

Here are the times the DCEU characters made decisions that were the absolute worst among the dumbest DC movies.

  • Photo: Batman v Superman / Warner Bros. Pictures

    Batman decides to take Superman's life by arguing that even if there's a small chance Superman might go evil, he thinks it's an absolute certainty. Despite the fact Superman is clearly not a bad guy, Batman sets in motion the events that lead to his demise. 

    After Superman falls, Batman has instant regret and claims he made a giant mistake. Maybe he should've thought of this earlier instead of causing the demise of the one guy who could protect the Earth from beings like Darkseid and Doomsday.

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    Batman Plans To Use Himself As Bait Even Though It Makes No Difference

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    In 2017's Justice League, Batman ditches the rest of the League in order to go on a risky mission where he directs the Parademons toward himself to allow the rest of the team to ambush Steppenwolf and separate the Mother Boxes. 

    However, the League ends up assisting him anyway, with Steppenwolf's plans not deterring in the slightest. This means Batman chose to perish for no reason, and his plan actually let Steppenwolf know the league was arriving, making all of it a giant waste of time.

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  • Photo: Man of Steel / Warner Bros. Pictures

    In Man of Steel, Superman reveals his father perished to protect the nature of his powers. Jonathan was stranded while a tornado approached him but signaled to Clark not to save his life as he chose to die rather than have his son be outed as an empowered being. 

    However, this was a ridiculous decision on Jonathan's part as they were surrounded by total strangers on the highway who had no idea who Clark or any of his family members were. Clark could also have used his super-speed to take his father somewhere away from the onlookers, meaning his secret would still have been safe. Instead, Jonathan dies and leaves his widow and teenage son to fend for themselves.

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    Amanda Waller Has Leverage Over The Flash And Batman But Decides To Use Nonsensical People For Her Team

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    Amanda Waller is shown to have such an extended knowledge of metahumans that she has information over everyone Bruce Wayne wants to get into the Justice League. While it's understandable how she can't threaten or intimidate characters like Wonder Woman or Aquaman, The Flash is nothing more than a broke young man with zero connections, while Waller also knows of Bruce's identity as Batman. Instead of using her knowledge of these men as leverage to make them do her bidding, Waller decides to assemble a team of characters whose inclusion in Task Force X makes no sense.

    Waller thinks it's a good idea to send Deadshot (a guy who can only shoot), Harley Quinn (a woman who only knows how to use a bat), Captain Boomerang (a guy who throws boomerangs), Killer Croc (a cannibal who's otherwise useless), and Slipknot (a guy whose "power" is to climb) to face a demonic being like Enchantress against whom none of the team's abilities are useful.

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