The 14 Dumbest Decisions By Characters In The DCEU

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There are many DCEU plotholes that have plagued fans over the years. What's wild is that most of these wouldn't have been possible had the characters not behaved in such a stupid fashion. These characters have made their fair share of dumb decisions that have sacrificed lives and brought themselves to ruin. At other times, their choices and ideas were just too silly to begin with, and it's a wonder why they would ever think they were good.

Here are the times the DCEU characters made decisions that were the absolute worst among the dumbest DC movies.

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  • Amanda Waller Thinks Using A Centuries-Old Demonic Being For Her Team Is A Good Plan
    Photo: Suicide Squad / Warner Bros. Pictures

    Amanda Waller captures the Enchantress by having June Moone inhabit the entity. She then flaunts this to her superiors and claims she has control of the Enchantress. Soon enough, the being breaks away and causes so much havoc that an entire city falls prey to her powers and even gets Waller herself trapped there.

    This was all actually Waller's fault as she thought it was a good idea to trap a demonic entity she has no real power over and doesn't know how to contain. As expected, the whole thing blows up in her face, and she later has to ask Bruce Wayne to protect her when her antics threaten to go public.

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    Monster T Objectifies The Joker's Girlfriend Right To His Face

    Monster T Objectifies The Joker's Girlfriend Right To His Face
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    In a rather bizarre and needless scene from Suicide Squad, the gangster called Monster T approaches the Joker for a proposition. Instead of getting to the point, Monster T decides to check out Harley Quinn and tells Joker he thinks she's hot and that she's a "bad b***h."

    Basically, he thinks there's nothing wrong with telling a deranged killer that he's objectifying his equally bonkers girlfriend right to his face. As one would expect, the Joker doesn't take kindly to this disrespect and promptly shoots Monster T in the head.

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  • Superman Doesn't Just Tell Batman About His Mother And Pointlessly Fights Him
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    In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Lex Luthor holds Superman's mother hostage as a way to goad him into fighting Batman. While he follows through with this, he never really attempts to take out Batman and ends up about to be slain himself. In these final moments, he pleads for Batman to save his mother, which convinces the latter to let Superman go and save Martha.

    Considering it was so simple for the two of them to be on the same page, it was a dumb decision for Superman to pointlessly fight Batman when he could have simply explained his situation from the get-go. Instead, he gets so weakened by the Kryptonite Batman used, he's not at full strength to fight Doomsday and it costs him his life.

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  • Darkseid Doesn't Bother To Remember Earth's Location Despite Knowing The Anti-Life Equation Is There
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    Darkseid spends around 5,000 years or so looking for the Anti-Life Equation after having found it once. In Zack Snyder's Justice League, Steppenwolf finds out the planet they had lost it on was Earth.

    Darkseid could have saved himself many centuries if he had simply decided to note the location of Earth way back when as his main quest has always been to find the Anti-Life Equation, yet he chose not to keep track of the world where he had found it. 

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  • Jonathan Tells Clark Not To Save His Life Even Though Nobody Around Them Knows Who They Are
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    In Man of Steel, Superman reveals his father perished to protect the nature of his powers. Jonathan was stranded while a tornado approached him but signaled to Clark not to save his life as he chose to die rather than have his son be outed as an empowered being. 

    However, this was a ridiculous decision on Jonathan's part as they were surrounded by total strangers on the highway who had no idea who Clark or any of his family members were. Clark could also have used his super-speed to take his father somewhere away from the onlookers, meaning his secret would still have been safe. Instead, Jonathan dies and leaves his widow and teenage son to fend for themselves.

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    Batman Doesn't Mind Taking Lives After Robin's Death, But Still Doesn't Finish Off The Joker When He Has The Chance

    Batman Doesn't Mind Taking Lives After Robin's Death, But Still Doesn't Finish Off The Joker When He Has The Chance
    Photo: Batman v Superman / Warner Bros. Pictures

    Batman's plan of sending Robin to spy on the Joker doesn't work when the latter kills the Boy Wonder after capturing him. This makes Bruce a hardened person who doesn't mind taking lives. He then finds the Joker and beats him to a pulp by breaking his teeth.

    However, he decides not to finish off the Joker for some reason, then openly regrets not doing so. In the Knightmare future in Zack Snyder's Justice League, Batman promises he will finish off Joker. If he felt so strongly about taking the Joker's life, then it was a silly decision not to do so when he had the chance. Moreover, not killing the Joker also led to the Clown Prince of Crime continuing his criminal antics, making Batman responsible for these things.

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