15 People Tell Stories Of When They Were Scammed So You Don't Make The Same Mistakes

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Anyone who hasn't been scammed at least once should consider themselves lucky. Sometimes it's hard to tell something is a grift in the first place, so if you want to learn how to avoid getting scammed, check out these stories of people who got scammed.

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    They Bought Fake Tickets To A Basketball Game

    From Redditor u/burnt-cookie:

    I bought $300+ tickets to see [the] Knicks at [Madison Square Garden] from Craigslist (dumb, I know) that turned out to be fake. I got so pissed I walked into an NYC precinct and told them I want to file a complaint.

    The detective at the time said they’re busting a lot of people in these fake ticket rings and we could bust him if we set up another sale. The next day I contacted the same guy from another number and we set up to meet him; the detective was dressed casually and I pretended to be his girlfriend. He gave us the tickets by Dylan’s Candy Bar and was busted right there. It was fun.

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    They Almost Had Their Credit Card Information Taken By A Craigslist Grifter

    From Redditor u/Thomystic:

    The one that almost got me is actually brilliant:

    I was selling a car on Craigslist and got a call from this guy who seemed super interested. He followed up by text asking if it had a clean history. Next text, he sends me a link to what appeared to be an alternative to Carfax, asking me to get a history report for $30 before he drives out.

    I was literally putting in my credit card info before I paused to think the website might be fake. Turns out it was only registered that day. Totally fake.

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    They Gave Out Personal Information For A Fake Job Opportunity

    From Redditor u/lasteclipse:

    The worst one is probably when I was desperately applying for jobs after graduating.

    Hadn't found a job for months in the finance sector and just applied to be an admin assistant at a small local exchange. Looked up their website and everything looked legit; the hiring manager spoke fairly fluent English. They said they were interested in hiring me for a position that leveraged more of my education. I was stoked - almost 1.5 times the pay, and the workload was much more my style.

    They wanted some identifying information like my driver's license and passport. Didn't think too much about it. Scanned it off and sent it to them. They told me everything looked good and they wanted to do a phone interview. I asked them why not in person, and they told me I wasn't at that stage yet.

    For some reason, I felt a bit suspicious, so I looked at the address on their letterhead, which was a legit business park in my area. Called them and the phone lines were dead. Called the building owner and they told me that the property was vacant, and had been for almost a year now.

    At this point I knew identity theft would be possible, so I just went into a full-blown panic getting everything exchanged. Learned a valuable lesson that day. Didn't lose anything, but f*ck if my personal information is floating around somewhere.

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    They Bought 'Discounted' Electronics That Didn't Work

    From Redditor u/StackinStacks:

    Got grifted when I was 18 out front of Best Buy.

    A guy or two show up out front of a store like Best Buy with stereo equipment, TV speakers, projectors, etc., that in reality [aren't] worth more than the packaging. They proceed to tell you they already delivered everything to hit their quota and they are X amount leftover, and if they bring them back to the warehouse they will lose out on just selling them because someone else will. They follow this up with stock sheets and magazines showing the retail price of said projector/speakers at some outrageous price like [$2,000] and say you can take them for anywhere between [$200 to $1,000] depending on how far [you] get them down. Then you get them home and figure out they either don't work or are the worst quality products ever made.

    I lost [$350]. This was back in 2008. This still happens today, so beware.

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    They Fell For A 'Free Upgrade' In A Video Game

    From Redditor u/haakon_VII:

    I got tricked on an online game called Runescape when I was 7. Handed over my armor to a random guy who said he would upgrade it for free, then logged off. I lost my innocence that day.

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    They Went For An Interview And It Ended Up Being A Shady Company

    From Redditor u/doggrimoire:

    Was looking for a job and got a call for an interview… [I] went in and it was some [multilevel marketing company] for like vitamin juice or something. I was sitting in the front and was polite, so I sat through the the video… then started to walk out, and that's when they started being super angry. I said I don't spend a lot of money without talking it over with my wife, and the lady said, “Well, I guess we can't do anything if [you're] not the man of the house and your wife wears the pants.”

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