In Memoriam: 'Game of Thrones' Characters We Miss The Most

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This list has Game of Thrones spoilers, from its premiere to its finale. If someone passed on Game of Thrones, it's likely spoiled here. Only read on if you have completed the entire HBO series.

So... who died on Game of Thrones? A whole bunch of people. Some deserved it more than others, and some didn't even deserve it at all, but every character on this list is missed by fans for different reasons.

Whether a fan favorite, whose passing took viewers by surprise, or a loathed character fans miss hating on, those who have fallen on Game of Thrones were (mostly) all dearly missed. Game of Thrones demises seem to come with each episode, and the list of these Game of Thrones characters kept growing until the end. In the Seven Kingdoms, anything could happen to your favorite characters, no matter what house they were from or what gods they worshipped.

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