A Comprehensive Guide to Dead Wack Packers

The Wack Pack are an essential part of the Howard Stern Show experience, and they also have an extraordinarily high mortality rate. One does not become a Wack Packer due to one's healthy lifestyle, of course. 

Many Wack Packers have come and gone over the years, and this is a compilation of the fallen group of Wack Pack members that have become memorable figures for Stern listeners. The only people listed here are confirmed Wack Packers, not Wack Pack associates. When you're a member of the famed Wack Pack, it's likely that you're doing something screwy to capture Stern's attention (reference the Funny Howard Stern Wack Packers to see more). These dead Stern Wack Packers were some of the show's biggest names and their deaths, while not surprising, are sad nonetheless.
  • George "Crackhead Bob" Harvey died at age 56 in 2016. He first caught the eye of the Stern staff after being the first person in line at many of Stern's public signings. The Stern crew initially thought Bob's eccentricities were due to some kind of disease, but it was just his penchant for smoking crack (hence, his name).

  • One of the most popular wack packers, Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf first appeared on the Stern show in 1996. He's most famous for cracking People magazine's Most Beautiful People list due to the Stern audience voting him up. He was known for his drunken appearance on the show, hence his name.

    Hank the Angry Dwarf died in his sleep in 2001.

  • Ted the Janitor was one of the earliest Wack Packers. The janitor at WXRK in New York, Ted the Janitor is best known for making the "Road" game popular, along with his trademark parody of former New York City Mayor David Dinkins.

    He died in 1996.
  • A long-time Stern favorite, Blue Iris, aka Ellen Pinsky, was a granny porn star who would entertain Stern with her tales. 

    She died in 2009.