Deadliest Catch Is A Load Of Bull-Fish

How many times have you watched Deadliest Catch and thought it was definitely faked? It's not surprising, as reality TV shows are faked all the time - like Man vs. Wild. Even nature documentaries are faked. Well, if you believe the Deadliest Catch isn't reality, you're not alone. Apparently most of the Internet feels the same exact way. 

Honestly, what these fisherman on Deadliest Catch are doing is genuinely extremely dangerous. In the deep sea fishing industry, there are typically 300 fatalities out of 100,000 people every year. But is the Deadliest Catch real? No - there are plenty examples of how the Deadliest Catch is faked. There's a lot of careful editing choices being made to make the crews lives seem more dangerous, edgy, and dramatic than they really are. 

Of course, we're not new to the realities of reality TV, but it doesn't mean we should pretend we are. While the show is beloved by many of its fans, there is plenty of criticism of the Deadliest Catch.