The Most Lethal Assassins In Movie History

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The deadliest movie assassins each have their own thing that makes them special. Sure, they know how to use high-powered weaponry, and hand-to-hand combat is like saying hello for the rest of the world, but the following hitmen and femme fatales take the job of the hired gun and elevate it to an art form.

These assassins from the world of film each have their own style. Some of them, like John Wick, adhere to a moral code, while others are just walking, talking pain machines. A few of them have hearts of gold, others are heartless, but they're all great characters who are fun to watch onscreen.

Which cinema assassin is the best? That's up for debate. Just as long as you don't get in their way.

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    John Wick
    Photo: John Wick: Chapter 2 / Lionsgate

    If you want someone taken care of, you call an assassin; if you want that person taken care of and their entire existence wiped off the face of the Earth, you call John Wick. The reason John Wick resonates with audiences isn't his mind-blowing lethality, but his humanity.

    Driven by the need for revenge after a group of dummies from the Russian mob steal his car and kill his dog, Wick goes on a rampage and wipes out anyone and everyone who gets in his way. He's not so much about finesse as he is about laying waste to everything in his targets' lives until they regret their own births and pray for a quick end.

    His Most Impressive Feat: The John Wick series is known for its stuntman-friendly fight scenes, but Wick's most impressive exploit has to be that time he took out three dudes in a bar with a pencil.

    His Craziest Hit: There are tons of setpieces to choose from in this series, but John Wick's craziest hit has to be early on in the first film when a group of masked henchmen break into his house. At this point, the audience is unaware of just how good an assassin Wick is; this short scene sets the table for the rest of the film and the franchise.

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    Photo: Deadpool / 20th Century Fox

    Deadpool is the only movie assassin who knows he's in a movie. The merc with a mouth is witty, he's unhinged, and he has to wear a suit because he's scarred all over his body. Deadpool isn't the kind of character you want coming after you.

    Because Deadpool is based on a comic book character, his style is a bit more out of left field than the rest of the assassins here. First of all, he's essentially unkillable thanks to his regenerative properties, so much so that even blowing him to bits doesn't do any good. Deadpool uses an arsenal of weapons, from a katana, to heavy firepower, to explosives. If it can hurt someone, he uses it.

    His Most Impressive Feat: Both Deapool films feature nonstop action, but as far as impressive feats go, it's hard to deny the moviegoing audience's first experience with the Pool. His first film opens with a firefight on a bridge that's engrossing even if you're not sold on the snarky banter.

    His Craziest Hit: Both Deadpool movies are full of legitimately jaw-dropping slayings. Guys are beheaded and then those heads are kicked across the screen, baddie brains are spread across the concrete, and a nameless foe is even smashed by a van. But what has to be one of the craziest executions in cinema history is one we don't even see all of. During a montage that follows Deadpool while he searches for information, the audience sees him chasing a guy down with a Zamboni as he bleeds out on an ice rink. We can only assume he suffered an incredibly cold demise.

  • Agent 47 ('Hitman' Franchise')
    Photo: Hitman / 20th Century Fox

    Genetically engineered to be the perfect assassin, Agent 47 is an unstoppable killing machine. He's essentially a superhero designed to be the best at his job; he's super strong, super fast - you get it. While some assassins are loosey-goosey with their fighting style, Agent 47 is kind of like the T-1000, but human instead of liquid metal.

    Agent 47 is no-nonsense and doesn't say more than he has to. He does his job efficiently and with as much foresight as possible. He rarely goes into a situation without being prepared.

    His Most Impressive Feat: During an interrogation in the Hitman film from 2015, Agent 47 manages to avoid being shot with a sniper rifle at point-blank range while using the bullet to remove his handcuffs. He then disarms a soldier standing in the room before taking the guy's piece and whomping his interrogator.

    His Craziest Hit: Going back to the 2007 Hitman film, Agent 47 manages to escape from a hotel room while he's being pursued by a SWAT team before breaking back into the hotel, taking some guns out of the ice machine, and getting the jump on the SWAT team before taking out every single one of them. Oh, and he's barefoot the entire time.

  • Léon ('The Professional')
    Photo: Léon: The Professional / Columbia TriStar

    He's Italian, he's professional, he doesn't talk much, and he looks really cool in a tiny pair of sunglasses. Léon lives a life of solitude and takes jobs from a mafioso in Little Italy, but his world is turned upside down when he rescues the 12-year-old Mathilda from a horrible end at the hands of crooked DEA agents.

    Léon has a classic cool about him that extends to his execution style. He's definitely a gun guy, but he's not gratuitous with his bullets - it's one or two bullets with this guy. However, when backed into a corner, Léon will do whatever he has to do to survive and save the people he cares about.

    His Most Impressive Feat: To save Mathilda after she's taken by DEA agents, Léon makes his way through the building and systematically jacks the jaw of everybody in his way before saving the girl from what would have been a horrific fate.

    His Craziest Hit: The craziest execution in Léon: The Professional just so happens to come moments after the most heartbreaking moment in the film. After saving Mathilda and nearly making it to safety himself, Léon is gunned down by the crooked DEA agent Stansfield, who finds out a moment too late that Léon just pulled the pin on six grenades attached to his chest. Stansfield barely has time to register what's happening before the entire building goes up in flames.