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15 Excessively Violent Pirates Who Rained Death On Their Victims

From the Age of Sail to the end of the Colonial Era, pirates were a force to be reckoned with on the high seas. The most famous pirates came from every corner of the globe, but they all carried a greed and ambition that propelled them into the history books. But success breeds resentment, and when it comes to pirates, that usually means a mutiny or a fight to the end. Many pirates were sure to change allegiances many times over the course of their careers - unless, of course, they were the captain and earned enough respect to plunder until they could retire comfortably.

Of course, few pirates passed peacefully in their old age. Most were either slain by their own kind, taken down by the authorities, or claimed by an angry sea. The most deadly and ruthless of them still live on in infamy to this day, so if you’re curious to know who they are, check out this list of the deadliest pirates in history.