The Deadliest Train Derailments In World History

Since the early 1800s, trains have been used as a form of public transportation around the world. When the railroads were first built, it allowed stressful, dangerous journeys that took weeks or months to take only days. It opened up the world to travel for pleasure instead of necessity. Although many people consider trains to be safer than airplanes or automobile travel, the fact is that hundreds of people become train crash casualties every year. 

The worst train derailments in history span more than two hundred years of rail travel, with the oldest entry in this list occurring in 1853 and the newest in 2004. From New Zealand to Japan, this list of train derailments around the world shows that human error and the unpredictability of nature can quickly change a routine ride into a tragedy causing injuries and death. 

While the deadliest train accidents of all time were unspeakable tragedies, they also helped make railroads and trains a little safer as public outcry often led to advances in technology. Safety regulations and technological advancements are always improving in order to reduce train accident deaths and fatal train derailments