Easter Eggs In 'Deadpool 2' You Definitely Missed
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Easter Eggs In 'Deadpool 2' You Definitely Missed

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Deadpool 2 takes everything audiences love about the first film and cranks that madness up to 11. It's like a chimichanga, if said chimichanga was stuffed to the gills with jokes and action sequences. This means no matter how astute of an audience member you consider yourself, there's bound to be a few Deadpool 2 Easter eggs you definitely missed.

Lots of Deadpool trivia is riddled with pop culture allusions, and even the marketing behind Deadpool was an endless stream of absurd references, from Flashdance to Bob Ross's The Joy of Painting. Deadpool 2 itself continues the first film's trend of surprisingly up-to-date jokes by making fun of Donald Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and using the song Black Widow sings to the Hulk in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films.

Here are a few of the more obscure references and Easter eggs from Deadpool 2 that may have slipped under your radar.

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    Deadpool Pulls A 'Basic Instinct' While Talking To Cable

    Deadpool 2's reference to Basic Instinct is explicitly (very, very explicitly) called out in the film. There's an incredibly famous scene in Basic Instinct where Sharon Stone's character uncrosses her legs to reveal she isn't wearing any underwear, which confuses and rattles her interrogator. The man questioning her – and everybody in the audience – receives a full view up Stone's skirt. 

    Deadpool 2 pays homage to this scene when Wade Wilson "shirt-c*cks" it, wearing nothing but a shirt over his naked lower half. He does this when he is still in the process of growing his legs back, so he appears to be a child from the waist down. While talking to Cable, Wilson uncrosses his legs to reveal his small member as a nod to this Basic Instinct scene.

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    The Intro Is Reminiscent Of 'James Bond' Title Sequences

    The Intro Is Reminiscent Of 'James Bond' Title Sequences
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    While Deadpool 2's marketing (especially the posters) made countless references to famous films, the movie's actual title credits sequence seems to be modeled after James Bond films.

    The visuals aren't the only James Bond allusion the film makes. Deadpool 2 creators went out and hired Celine Dion to sing an original song for the opener. This also mirrors how each Bond film stars a different popular vocalist performing a song written exclusively for the film.

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    Deadpool Sings Hulk's Lullaby To Juggernaut

    Since Deadpool 2 styles itself as the "anti-superhero-movie movie," it naturally has dozens of callbacks to other popular Marvel and DC films. It makes fun of the "Martha scene" in Dawn of Justice, references Hawkeye's uselessness, and even throws in a fantastic, passing Hulk nod.

    MCU fans know Black Widow always sings a specific lullaby to calm Hulk down after a fight: the "Sun's getting real low" song. Deadpool himself actually sings this tune to calm down a massive superhero as well, but instead of the Hulk, he sings it to an enraged Juggernaut. Deadpool's attempt is only somewhat undercut by the fact he is simultaneously stabbing Juggernaut in the neck with two swords. 

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    Brad Pitt Plays Vanisher Because He Was In The Running For Cable

    For 99% of Vanisher's "screen time," audiences can't see him – he is invisible, after all. However, when Vanisher collides with a power line as a result of parachuting during a wind advisory, audiences are able to catch a quick glimpse of what Vanisher looks like. Lo and behold, Vanisher is none other than Brad Pitt.

    Now that's funny enough in and of itself, but it appears there's a very specific reason they used Pitt. There was a time during pre-production when Pitt was in the running to play Josh Brolin's character, Cable. Pitt obviously backed out, so one could say he "vanished."

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    Deadpool Refers To Cable As 'One-Eyed Willy' A La 'The Goonies'

    During a fight with Cable, Deadpool angrily refers to the villain as "One-Eyed Willy." While the name is silly by itself, it is actually a shout-out to the original owner of the treasure found in The Goonies. By the time the kids reach Mr. Willy, he's long dead, but his treasure – and eye patch – remain.

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    Cable's Gun Goes All The Way To 11, Like The Amps In 'This Is Spinal Tap'

    There is a knob on Cable's gun to control its power, but this is no ordinary dial – it's shaped just like the controls one would find on a guitar amp. Each spin of the knob throughout the film sounds as if it's accompanied by some sort of electric guitar wail, which only deepens the connection. Naturally, the device also goes all the way to 11, a classic This is Spinal Tap reference.

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