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How Did Deadpool And Cable Become Comic Book Besties, Anyway?

Updated 22 May 2018 1.2k views12 items

Deadpool 2 sees the on-screen debut of Nathan “Cable” Summers, a character who many fans consider essential to the Deadpool canon. However, comic book readers know Cable’s origin dates back to before Deadpool existed, and that Deadpool and Cable's friendship is a relatively recent addition to comic continuity.

Cable made his comic book debut in the 1990s, although he appeared as a baby way back in 1986. Deadpool showed up in 1991’s The New Mutants #98, and the two characters have been inextricably linked ever since.

While at first, Deadpool's main objective is to kill Cable, a bizarre DNA fusion leads to a 50-issue superhero team up saga that unarguably deserves to be brought to the silver screen. Since the early 2000s, they've been hero BFFs, and their alliance is one of the most lovingly dysfunctional relationships in comic book history. 

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