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The Most Messed Up Things Deadpool's Ever Done

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Deadpool is not exactly the shining pillar of light in the superhero community. He started out as a villain, he has no shame in making the most insensitive jokes possible, and he takes out people for money. But none of those are even among the worst things Deadpool has ever done.

No, these go far beyond "antihero moments." These aren't edgy Batman situations. These are truly awful things that Deadpool has done to friends, family, and enemies alike. He's almost single-handedly wiped out the world with a zombie outbreak, he's slain all of Marvel's biggest characters, and he's even dated Death incarnate. That's not to mention just what he keeps in those pouches of his.

These are the most awful and messed up things Deadpool has ever done, and we love him for each and every one of them. He truly is the regenerating degenerate and fans wouldn't have it any other way! Vote up your favorites below!

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    Wore Beast as a Fur Coat and Killed Wolverine

    Photo: Deadpool / Marvel

    What He Did: Killed all the X-Men and wore beast like a fur coat.

    Why It Was Horrible: Adding insult to injury, Deadpool decided to wear one of Wolverine's fallen team members while slaying the single most popular mutant in Marvel Comics. Imagine seeing your friend worn like a skin suit while fighting someone you used to have alliances with. Harsh.

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    Used His Own Kid as Bait

    Photo: Deadpool / Marvel
    What He Did: Used his daughter as bait to catch Mad Cap.

    Why It Was Horrible
    Deadpool has a young daughter (it's a long story). He needs to lure out this bad guy and lets his daughter know by comparing her to that scene from Jaws when Brody's chumming the water (her mom wasn't happy they even watched Jaws.) He tells her this while she's already bait and before she can protest, she's being shot at! Quicksilver was on standby to swoop in, but jeez.
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    Lit a Live Elephant on Fire

    Photo: Deadpool / Marvel
    What He Did: Delivered a fantastic elephant in the room joke while burning an endangered elephant alive.

    Why It Was Horrible: There's a majestic creature experiencing an excruciatingly painful death by fire. Pretty great joke though.
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    Shot Spider-Man in the Head

    Photo: Deadpool / Marvel
    What He Did: Killed The Amazing Spider-Man with a shot to the head.

    Why It Was Horrible: Of everyone killed in Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, Spidey probably got it the easiest. It was quick, relatively painless, and he never really saw it coming. Even in an alternate reality where everyone dies, Deadpool still clings to his bromance and takes Spider-Man out the quickest.
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