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Hilarious Deadpool Comebacks That Only The Merc With The Mouth Could Pull Off

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It's safe to say Deadpool isn't exactly your friendly neighborhood superhero. He's more like your older brother's unemployed friend who likes to smoke and swear a lot, and occasionally fights crime. While Wade Wilson may never be the most wholesome character in the world, he makes up for it in insane fight scenes and epic comebacks. No one on-screen, or in the audience for that matter, is safe from his sarcastic remarks. Frankly, we think his mouth might be deadlier than his shot. Some might say he's even funnier than all of the Avengers put together. (Sorry Marvel.) These are the funniest Deadpool responses of all time. 

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    Wolverine Still Too Busy?

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    At Least He Came Prepared?

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    I'm Just Gonna Sit Back And Relax

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    So, So Meta

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