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Coy Jandreau
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Deadpool might just include more Easter eggs and references and than any other comic book movie. If there's one thing comic fans love more than a movie being true to the source material, it's filmmakers adding Easter eggs. More than a decade in the making, the Deadpool film is dedicated to the tone, feel, and irreverence of Deadpool, which means it makes jokes about pop-culture and itself pretty much non-stop.

Over its running time, Deadpool manages to cram in a staggering number of sly winks and self-aware references. There's a little of everything. In fact, there are so many that listing them all is wildly impractical, so this list narrows it down to the absolute best ones. Everything from meta fourth wall breaks to X-Men Origins: Wolverine references to Green Lantern jokes to poking fun at Hugh Jackman, the center of the X-Men cinematic universe in which Deadpool proudly takes place.

These are the coolest Deadpool Easter eggs! Vote up your favorites then go see the movie again and try to spot them all!
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Which Xavier Exactly?

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At one point in the film Colossus tells Deadpool he's taking him to the Professor, to which Deadpool replies "McAvoy or Stewart?" in a fantastic nod to both the idea that Deadpool knows he's in a comic movie, but also that he knows about the X-Men movies and their messy continuity.
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Plenty of Wolverine Love

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In the comics, Deadpool was the product of the Weapon X program, which also laced Wolverine's bones with adamantium. In some continuities, Wolverine's DNA was even used to create Deadpool! Naturally Hugh Jackman casts a large shadow over the film. He's mentioned near the beginning of the film as the man Deadpool had to "convince"  to make the film. And later, of course, Wade Wilson wears a cutout of Jackman's handsome mug to cover his own hideously scarred face.
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All of Those Lips Are Sealed/Sewing Jokes

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Remember how mad everyone was when they sewed the Merc with the Mouth's mouth shut in X-Men Origins: Wolverine? So do the writers of Deadpool and so does Ryan Reynolds. They make a number of jabs to it in the film. When Ajax threatens to sew Wade's mouth shut he quips "I wouldn't do that if I were you," coming this close to actually winking at the audience.

At another point he jokes that his lips are sealed.
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Bob, Agent of Hydra

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There's a quick beat during the final fight scene where Deadpool recognizes on of the bad guys. "Bob?" "Yeah?" For the every day viewer it's a casual reminder that Wade used to kill people and knows people on both sides of the law. For comic fans, it's great beat since that's the beloved BOB, AGENT OF HYDRA.
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