20 Actors Who Could Pull Off Deadpool

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Deadpool, the "Merc with the Mouth," is a fan favorite character who was... well let's just say mishandled to keep things civil in that awful X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie. Luckily for us, everyone at Fox seems to agree that most of that movie won't really be affecting the X-Universe they've created, so we have another chance at seeing everyone's favorite assassin.

Ryan Reynolds did a stand-up job whenever he had the chance (or had a mouth) but the writing and well, every single choice beyond casting they made WAS NOT Deadpool. He's been off and on the project for a solo Deadpool film ever since (seemingly more on, but we worry it's been a long time), and it's official, he is returning. But what if casting went another way? 

Which actor can pull off the physicality, the humor, the self aware sensibilities (to a level not seen before on screen), and the general awesome that is Deadpool?

For other characters that deserve some time on the silver screen check out this list and cast your votes for who you think should play Deadpool below in this Deadpool casting call by fans.
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