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15 Deadpool Jokes That Were Way Better in Comics Than the Movies

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It doesn’t matter which format you choose to take your daily dose of Deadpool - you’re going to get a lot of jokes either way. But there are a few Deadpool jokes that didn't work as well in the movies – either because they only work when in print form, or simply because Ryan Reynolds and his crew dropped the ball. Because there’s such a vast amount of Deadpool in the print world compared to the single film (unless you’re a monster and you count Wolverine: Origins), there’s no argument that Deadpool is way funnier in the comics than he was in the film.

As fun as Ryan Reynolds’s magnum opus was, there were plenty of Deadpool jokes that fell flat in the theater. People who weren’t fans of the comic simply didn’t get the jokes, and hardcore fans may have recognized the references but felt pandered to. Strap on your extra ammo packs and heat up some cheap Mexican food, because it’s time to vote on the Deadpool jokes that the movies didn't do as well as the comics.

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    That Girl's Like Poison

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    People loved Deadpool getting down to early '90s jams in the film, and that was pretty cool, but it doesn't have anything on Wade and his alternate universe zombie head singing by a campfire. It's doubtful that there's going to be a Deadpool (or any comic book movie) where a character goes to the Savage Land, but if anyone knows how to spend some time on a continent full of dinosaurs, it's the merc with the mouth.

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    Was This Panel Written by a Time Traveler?

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    There are a metric ton of Ryan Reynolds jokes in Deadpool, the best of which involves People Magazine. But this panel from Cable & Deadpool #2 from 2004, five years before Reynolds even played Deadpool in the Wolverine film, is ten times as funny as any reference in the film. 

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    They Never Burn the Crust

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    In Deadpool #10 by Daniel Way and Paco Medina, the audience gets to see a pizza delivery scene that's directly referenced in the film, although Wade is dressed slightly different in the two different versions. In both versions, Wade orders a pizza with pineapple and olive toppings to lure a scummy delivery boy, and in both versions that pizza boy ends up with his brains splattered across the floor.

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    Hand Tossed Biscuits You Say?

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    Has anyone actually sat down and calculated all of Wade's quips in Deadpool and compared them to the comic? No one is saying that the movie isn't funny, but some of the quips in the comics are so weird, and so funny, that it's kind of mind boggling that the film's writers didn't lift jokes from the comic wholesale. There's nothing better than Wade describing his buns as "hand tossed biscuits." 

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