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How Deadpool Nearly Killed All Of The Classic Literary Characters

July 22, 2020 15.1k views16 items

Years before Deadpool became a household name thanks to Ryan Reynolds, the character actually ended up taking out the vast majority of classic literary characters in the pages of the Deadpool Killustrated miniseries, written by Cullen Bunn and penciled by Matteo Lolli. And with a tagline like "Butchering Stories From Literature's Finest Authors!" and cover art that harkens back to the pulp novels of the early 1900s, you know you're in for some classically manic Deadpool fun.

If you happen to be a comic book fan with a penchant for the classics, then this is the series for you... assuming you're cool with Deadpool slaying all your old favorites, that is. An admirer of Mark Twain? Well, Tom Sawyer bites the dust. Is Mary Shelley more your speed? Say goodbye to Dr. Frankenstein! Seriously, all the old standbys are here and each and every one gets what is coming to them. Scroll down to see who gets put in the dirt and how, but be warned... some grisly images lay in wait for you.

  • Deadpool Needs A Change After Taking Out All The Heroes In Multiple Marvel Universes

    Following the events of 2012's Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, our resident antihero has found himself quite bored with slaying superheroes throughout the various universes of Marvel's multiverse. Hopping from universe to universe only to do the same things - read: murdering - over and over seems to have gotten to the Merc with a Mouth. 

    It is worth noting that this is not the main Marvel universe's Deadpool, but the Wade Wilson of Earth-12101. He is the main focus of Cullen Bunn's "Deadpool Killogy," which consists of Deadpool Kills the Marvel UniverseDeadpool Killustrated, and Deadpool Kills Deadpool. This Deadpool begins the miniseries surrounded by the corpses of heroes he has slain, moaning about the utter boredom of his existence. He goes so far as to say, "'s never going to be over, is it? All the assassination... the slaughter..." As the classic saying states, variety is the spice of life.

  • A Team Of Supervillain Scientists Build Deadpool A Portal Into The 'Ideaverse' In Order To Slay Literary Figures

    During his bloody rampage, Deadpool spared a number of villains in order to have them work for him as a sort of think tank. This army of mad scientists, which includes classic Marvel villains like Doctor Octopus and Mole Man, is led by the Mad Thinker, who suggests that in order for Deadpool to end the "cycle of conflict and victory, death and resurrection" that is inherent in Marvel Comics, he must head to the Ideaverse to take out all of the classic literary characters we all know and love.

    As the theory goes, these classic characters - from the Three Musketeers to Sherlock Holmes to Frankenstein's Monster - are the "inspirational building blocks" for every hero and villain that Deadpool is looking to destroy. And if he does away with the inspiration, the heroes will cease to exist altogether. So, with a new mission in tow, the Regenerating Degenerate heads off to the Ideaverse to slaughter every literary icon you were forced to read about in high school.

  • Deadpool Plucks Out Don Quixote's Eye And Makes Short Work Of Sancho Panza

    The first target of Deadpool's ruthless rout of the Ideaverse is the lovable buffoon Don Quixote, the main character of the book of the same name. Miguel de Cervantes's classic character isn't much of a match for Deadpool, even if he does get a solid stab with his lance for good measure. Deadpool seems somewhat saddened by the fact that Quixote is his first target in the Ideaverse, as he's a figure that Wade actually likes.

    By the time Sancho Panza comes on the scene, Deadpool has already put a bullet into the back of Quixote's head after slashing out his right eyeball. Deadpool then fires at Sancho because, well, he is there and Deadpool likes to slay people, quipping, "Consider the windmill tilted." With the two main characters of one of the most influential novels ever written gone, Marvel's resident bad boy is off to the races.

  • He Takes Out Moby Dick And Crawls Out Its Blowhole Before Attacking The Pequod

    Next up on Deadpool's hit list are the characters of Herman Melville's classic Moby-Dick. Readers see the members of the Pequod just as they spot the giant whale, with Captain Ahab readying his crew to take down the massive animal. Ahab is horrified when he sees the whale's large corpse floating in the ocean: "No! He's my kill! He belongs to me!"

    As Ahab laments the whale's fate, Deadpool comes popping out of the whale's blowhole in quite the graphic image. Being gentlemen of the sea, the Pequod's crew bring the mercenary aboard to extend their hospitality. Unfortunately for them, Deadpool repays their kindness by going through the crew one by one with a blade. It seems he's not a very mannered guest.