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13 Weird Deadpool Thoughts That Actually Make A Good Point

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Deadpool may be a superhero, but he takes everything we know about the superhero genre and tosses it all into a blender full of action packed fights and a whole lot of chaotic humor. Check out r/showerthoughts for more interesting thoughts. Vote up if it's interesting.

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    Professor Xavier Breaking The 4th Wall?

    Photo: Deadpool 2 / 20th Century Fox

    From Redditor u/MrMonster91:

    If Professor Xavier ever tried to read Deadpool's mind, could he potentially break the fourth wall accidentally? Therefore discovering our world?

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    If Cannibals Somehow Managed To Capture Deadpool

    Photo: Deadpool / 20th Century Fox

    From Redditor u/Battyman1738:

    If cannibals somehow managed to capture Deadpool, they would have an infinite food source.

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    Deadpool Is Ryan Reynolds Is Deadpool

    Photo: Deadpool 2 / 20th Century Fox

    From Redditor u/firelord_airo:

    After the release of Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds will always sound like Deadpool doing a Ryan Reynolds impression.

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    If Deadpool Was In 'Toy Story'

    Photo: Toy Story 3 / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    From Redditor u/bubonis:

    If a toy Deadpool appeared in a Toy Story movie he would be aware that he's a toy in the Toy Story movie, plus he would know that his "toy-self" is a character from another movie that's also aware that he's in a movie from a comic book, PLUS he'd know that his existence is entirely owned by Disney.

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