Total Nerd Someone Mashed Up Deadpool With Tommy Wiseau From The Room's Voice, And It's Oddly Perfect  

Mick Jacobs

Deadpool cameos in so many franchises it was only a matter of time before a pop cultural phenomenon from our world inserted itself into his. In the video below, the smart-mouthed mercenary gets an entirely new yet still incredibly distinctive set of pipes: Tommy Wiseau's.

Specifically, Tommy Wiseau's character in The Room, which for uninformed viewers happens to be one of the worst films ever. So bad that people made other films about it and it now boasts a massive cult following.

Wiseau's character Johnny approaches life with a carefree attitude, a trait which lends itself rather hilariously to a character like Deadpool, who himself makes more aggressive yet equally amusing dialogue.

You might never be able to watch Deadpool the same way ever again after seeing this, but The Room is all about letting go of prior convictions and assumptions. Watch the video to see exactly what we mean.