Notable Deals And Policies Trump Has Ended, Ranked

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Given there have been so many sweeping changes in recent political times, the question of what Trump has done as president is on the minds of many. Since taking office in 2017, President Trump has made many changes to existing policies, especially laws and regulations implemented by the Obama administration. Environmental and energy regulation laws have seen a major overhaul under the Trump administration, as well as policies regarding healthcare, immigration, and government programming.  

Given the diverse range of public opinion in America, controversial presidential decisions come with any administration and the Trump presidency is no different. Regulations removed by Trump often spurred heated public debates, leaving many either defending or condemning his actions. Regardless of what side of the political spectrum you fall on, your voice matters. Below, you'll find a list of all the deals, regulations, and laws Trump has ended. Vote up the policies you wish were still in place! 

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  • Birth Control Mandate

    Birth Control Mandate

    77 votes

    The Affordable Care Act, passed under President Obama, included a mandate requiring birth control and other contraceptive devices be covered under health insurance policies. In October 2017, the Trump administration issued various new rules about the ACA, including a rewrite that allows more insurance companies to opt out of providing contraceptive devices for religious reasons. 


  • Phasing Out Private Prisons

    Phasing Out Private Prisons

    80 votes

    In August 2016, the Obama administration began a plan to gradually phase out the use of private prisons due to allegations such facilities were less safe than government run prisons. The Trump administration rescinded this plan in February 2017.


  • Regulations On Individuals With Mental Health Issues Purchasing Firearms

    Regulations On Individuals With Mental Health Issues Purchasing Firearms

    86 votes

    In response to the Sandy Hook shooting, the Obama administration passed a regulation that required individuals receiving Social Security checks for mental illness who could not handle their own finances be added to the national background check database. This would make it more difficult for such individuals to purchase firearms. In February 2017, Trump signed a bill that rolled back these regulations.


  • Medicaid Reimbursement Requirements For Planned Parenthood

    Medicaid Reimbursement Requirements For Planned Parenthood

    73 votes

    In 2016, the Obama administration issued a letter claiming states could not bar Planned Parenthood from receiving federal reimbursement for treating Medicaid patients. In 2018, Trump issued a new letter that rescinded Obama's letter.


  • Funding Requirements For Organizations That Provide Abortion

    Funding Requirements For Organizations That Provide Abortion

    71 votes

    In April 2017, Trump signed legislation that rolled back an Obama-era regulation requiring that states pass along federal funding from family-planning acts to medical organizations that provide abortion services. The roll back would allow states to opt out of funding these organizations. 


  • The Clean Power Plan

    The Clean Power Plan

    67 votes

    The Clean Power Plan was put in place by the Obama administration to curb the effects of greenhouse emissions from power plants in conjunction with the global Paris Climate Accord. Trump's Environmental Protection Agency administrator, Scott Pruitt, led the agency in steps to remove the restrictions in favor of less stringent rules. Pruitt also pushed for more state flexibility in regards to implementing the emissions-cutting plans included in the Clean Power Plan.