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This Bestselling Author Has Convincing Evidence The Dead Reached Out To Him With An Ominous Warning

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We've all heard stories about heroic dogs saving their owners, but how many of us know a real-life tale about ghosts saving people? Yes, I said ghosts. Many have had moments in their lives when something extraordinary occurs with no rational explanation for these unexplained paranormal encounters. I would also venture to assert that we have all received the occasional creepy phone call from one prankster or another, but very few of us can honestly claim that the phone call was also our " paranormal experience." That is unless your name happens to be Koontz and you are a best selling horror novelist.

Dean Koontz's dead mother called him with a warning to be careful after 20 years of silence, just days before being attacked by his own father. Continue reading to learn more about Dean Koontz's mysterious phone call.

  • Author Gets Phone Call From Mom 20 Years After Her Death

    In September of 1988, author Dean Koontz was working in his office when the phone began to ring. Koontz answered the receiver and heard a weak, far away voice on the other end of the receiver. The voice warned, “Please, be careful!” Koontz asked the person's identity, but they did not respond to his inquiry. Instead, they repeated their warning three additional times before the line went silent. Koontz was in shock. The voice sounded just like his mother, except his mother had been dead for nearly 20 years.

  • His Phone Number Was Unlisted

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    Koontz's phone number was an unlisted number. Unlisted numbers or private numbers are telephone numbers which are intentionally not listed in phone books. If you have a private number, you usually do not have to worry about getting calls from telemarketers, prank calls or being contacted by people you do not know. The fact that Koontz did not have a listed phone number makes the phone call all the more interesting. Of course, it could have been a case of a person calling the wrong number, but sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. The warning the woman gave him on the phone could very well have been about an incident that occurred only two days later.

  • He Believes His Mother Was Warning Him About His Father Trying To Kill Him

    Two days after Koontz's strange phone call, the retirement home where his father was staying contacted him. His father, Ray, would often cause problems at the facility, but the problems were escalating, and he became violent, punching another resident. Nurses at the facility were concerned and asked Koontz to speak with Ray and try to calm him down.

    When Koontz arrived at Ray's room, his father wasted no time and proceeded to grab a knife from a drawer, which he attempted to use to stab his son. Koontz had to fight off his father, and he eventually was able to get the knife away from his him. Police arrived, and they took Ray to a psychiatric facility, which everyone felt was the best place for him. 

  • He Wrote About The Experience In An Essay

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    It took Koontz a long time to talk about what he - justifiably - feels was a fateful phone call. Once he felt comfortable sharing his story, he did what he does best and wrote about it. In a book titled Beautiful Death: The Art of the Cemetery by photographer David Robinson, you see morbid, yet beautiful photos of tombstones and cemeteries. You will also see that the introduction is written by none other than Dean Koontz. In the introduction, Koontz writes an essay about his phone call experience, sharing the book's theme of exploring death.