Graveyard Shift This Guy Documented His Creepy Encounters With A Strange Ghost Baby On Twitter  

Jacob Shelton
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Have you heard the story of the dead baby with a dented head on Twitter? His name is Dear David, and he haunted Adam Ellis in his sleep. Instead of seeing a therapist or calling his local ghost hunters, Ellis took to social media and turned his personal haunting into a Twitter haunting.

According to Adam, the whole thing started when he had a dream about a creepy dead baby who has a particular way that he likes to be spoken to. As with most scary stories that get out of hand, Adam didn't play by those rules and now he’s living in a haunted apartment. Understandably, after he started posting his story to Twitter, people were skeptical, but when the story started escalating over the course of a few weeks, his readers felt like Adam was telling the truth.

You wouldn't be alone if you thought that Adam was trying to tell some kind of post-modern creepypasta via Twitter, or make a commentary about storytelling in the 21st century. But the longer Adam’s story goes on, the less it feels like it has a "gotcha" moment, and the more it seems like a man simply trying to document a creepy occurrence in his apartment. His story was so convincing and catchy that New Line Cinema outbid Paramount for the rights to a film adaptation of the story in November 2018.

As you read his story you’ll see how every day occurrences can be interpreted to have more meaning than they actually do, and you’ll see some very interesting videos that may prove the existence of the supernatural. Keep reading and see if you believe Adam’s story about the dead baby haunting his apartment.

The Ghost Appears In A Dream


The Ghost Looks... Wrong


The Dead Baby Moves


A Few Nights Later, Adam Learns The Dead Baby's Name