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Which Death Note Character Are You, According To Your Zodiac Sign?

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Fans of Death Note may have a favorite character, but have you ever wondered which character you are most like? If you consult your chart, discovering what Death Note character you are based on your sign can give you a lot of personal insight. 

Thanks to the dark themes of Death Note, characters are more likely to exhibit the zodiac signs' negative traits than figures from series like One Piece or My Hero Academia.

Teru Mikami might make Virgos look like a bunch of rigid, judgmental murderers, but he's an example of the worst traits of this Earth sign taken to their absolute zenith; most Virgos just have high expectations for other people and like to stay organized.

By determining which Death Note character most closely matches your sign, you may not see your exact personality reflected, but you might get a glimpse into which traits to keep an eye on so they don't balloon to Teru Mikami levels of dysfunction. 

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  • Mello shares two traits with the Fire sign Aries: his fiercely competitive spirit and quickness to anger. He's practically unstoppable when it comes to accomplishing his ambitious goals; he takes over the mafia as a teenager and makes quite a bit of headway discovering Kira's identity before his rival Near starts putting the pieces together. 

    Sadly, Mello also possesses some of the Ram's destructive qualities: he's impulsive, easily triggered by jealousy, and is sometimes motivated by illogical surges of rage. 

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  • Detective Naomi Misora is about to abandon her livelihood for a life full of marital bliss. Despite her remarkable crime-solving success rate, what Naomi truly wants is a life of security and stability—which puts her in line with the Bull, Taurus. Though she prefers more predictable life, she has the Taurean energy. She's steadfast in her work and completes her goals (or dies trying). 

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  • The Twin sign, Geminis are known for their multidimensional personalities. Geminis are able to pull out different personas for various circumstances, but they sometimes use this ability for sinister purposes. 

    On the surface, Watari is a sweet elderly man who takes care of L. But he also helps L carry out torture as an interrogation method, and he probably taught L how to use such inhumane methods in the first place. 

    Watari runs Wammy's House, an orphanage that raises genius children to compete for L's detective job. In a spin-off novel, Another Note, one orphan kills themself and another becomes a mass murderer. Though Watari isn't directly responsible for all of this, it happens under his watch; there's more to this deceptive Air sign than meets the eye. 

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  • Cancers are known for being caring and supportive, a description not many would associate with a god of death. Despite Rem's inherently murderous nature, her deep love for Misa Amane allows her to access the nurturing vibes of this Water sign.

    Sadly, Rem takes her caretaking to the extreme, and is manipulated by Light into sacrificing her life to save Misa. 

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