The Absolute Craziest Deaths Caused By Social Media

We're all well versed in the belief that the Internet can be a dangerous and often-times intimidating place. You have to be wary of the things you put out into the world (especially publicly) because everyone in the world then has access to it. In a world ruled by digital communication, posting the wrong status update can actually be fatal - and there are several statistics on it. 

These social media deaths were caused by a number of differing circumstances. Something as simple as a relationship status change on Facebook or a cat-fishing gone unbelievably awry could then lead to an array of tragedies and real victims. If these harrowing stories are enough to make us just a tad more discerning of what we're willing to post online, then re-telling these tragedies may actually cause some good. We can only hope that fatally targeting others isn't the newest and most dangerous social media trend.