Inside Debbie Reynolds And Carrie Fisher’s Rocky But Loving Mother-Daughter Relationship

Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher's relationship is a story so Hollywood, it's no wonder it became the basis for a starry, Oscar-nominated film. Reynolds was one of the most acclaimed actresses from the Golden Age of Hollywood, while her daughter Fisher created one of the most iconic female heroines in cinematic history. Their relationship was tumultuous and complicated, but their love for each other never waned.

Reynolds was the darling of Hollywood in the 1950s, with the classic musical Singin' in the Rain becoming not only her defining role but one of the defining films of the era. Though she continued to be a working actress up until her passing at the age of 84, the leading lady roles rapidly declined once she hit 40.

Her daughter Fisher grew up in her shadow - and the difficulties didn't end there. When she was just two years old, her father Eddie Fisher notoriously left her mother for Elizabeth Taylor. Fisher later became dependent on illicit substances and alcohol at a young age and, in her 20s, was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

The two strong-willed women often did not get along. However, they eventually put aside their differences. Fisher passed two days after Christmas in 2016. Then, like a Hollywood movie with an unbelievable ending, Reynolds passed the next day. Here's a look inside their relationship.