Weird History This 22-Year-Old Woman Posed As A Teenage Boy To Join The All-Male Army  

Rebecca High

In another round of "shocking things women were only allowed to do recently," 1948 was the first year women were allowed to serve in the US armed forces. Before that, however, countless women fearlessly chucked the rules, going undercover to serve their country. This video highlights one of those brave women.

Deborah Sampson was only 22 years old when the Revolutionary War broke out in the American colonies. As a woman, she couldn't enlist, but she was determined to lend her patriotism to the cause.

She cut her hair off, got some manly clothes, and set off for the army. Apparently a little cross-dressing was all you needed to do in those days to make a pretty good impression, and Sampson successfully joined the men under under Colonel William Sherman.

When she took two bullets to her legs during a skirmish, she feared her ruse would be uncovered. Watch this video to hear the rest of Sampson's incredible story, and remember just how far women have come — and have yet to go — in their quest for equality.