13 Popular 'Attack on Titan' Fan Theories That Eventually Got Debunked

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With so many wild plot twists that have turned fans' understanding of the series on its head, it's no surprise that people have been coming up with Attack on Titan fan theories since the series' debut. While some old Attack on Titan theories were spot-on, others didn't really pan out. The manga has ended and the anime is drawing to a close, so it's a great time to look back on some of the bizarre and creative theories that didn't stand the test of time. Some of these easily qualify as the wildest Attack on Titan fan theories out there, but in some cases, they seem just as awesome or even better than what really happened. 

If you're not up to date on the series, bear in mind that this article will contain spoilers for both the anime and the manga.


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    One Titan Shifter Will Devour The Others

    One Titan Shifter Will Devour The Others
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    Before Eren decided to try and destroy all life outside of Paradis using the Rumbling, fans were theorizing about how the problems of the series could be solved. 

    u/CuriouslyProgrammed had an interesting take. One Titan shifter will eat all the others, and then seal themselves in a crystal. This would require signficantly fewer casualties than Eren's plan, although it would create a sad situation in which a few protagonists would have to sacrifice themselves. Clearly, this wasn't the option Eren went with. 

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    The Time Loop Theory

    Initially cooked up by u/real_life_corgi, the Time Loop Theory is an interesting idea that could be its own series - but it's not what ended up happening in AoT. 

    Here's a quick run-down: In the 700s, scientists create the Titan virus out of the remnants of Ymir. The government weaponizes the virus and creates a range of Titan varieties to shore up their military might. They lose the vaccine, and Titans run rampant. The secrets of the vaccine are contained within Eren's dad's basement, but they are destroyed. Eren writes a letter to the future, which begins "To you, 2,000 years from now," in the hopes that the future world will be able to go back in time and fix things. 

    The twist is that Eren was actually sent from the year 2800 by his mother Mikasa. These events occur across multiple time loops, each one ending with the destruction of humanity. 

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    A Titan Shifter Village Existed Outside Of The Walls

    A Titan Shifter Village Existed Outside Of The Walls
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    At first, Reiner and Bertholdt didn't describe their hometown in detail. Before fans knew about Marley and the Eldian internment zones, they came up with other ideas.

    One common theory was that the two of them came from a village full of Titan shifters. This implies hundreds or even thousands of Titan shifters, which could have been exciting or overwhelming depending on how it was executed. 

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    Eren Kruger Is Eren Jaeger

    Eren Kruger Is Eren Jaeger
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    Eren Kruger was the person who started the Eldian Restorationist movement, as well as the person who initially held the power of the Attack Titan. He was a majorly important figure in Grisha Jaeger's life, which is why he named his second son after him. Some fans thought Eren Kruger was Eren Jaeger - either in reincarnated form, or via time travel. The main reason for this was that Kruger talked to Grisha about Mikasa and Armin, two people who hadn't even been born yet.

    This was explained by the fact that the Attack Titan can see the future memories of those who will inherit it. That eliminated most support for the theory. 

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    The Multiverse Theory

    What if the world of Attack on Titan that we're presented with isn't the only world that's supposed to exist? According to the Multiverse Theory, which was painstakingly created by u/emmyeggo, there could be multiple universes within the AoT world.

    The theory is long and complex, so to really get a feel for it, you'll need to check out the original post. The quick and dirty version is that the AoT universe is not the original universe, but one which Eren created in order to deal with his boredom. 

    The manga features a series of fake chapters called Attack on School Castes, which sees the characters in a modern-day school setting. In that setting, Eren dreams about a zombie apocalypse, then gets upset that there wasn't any exciting danger like that in his own life. He considered creating that danger. 

    How does this link to the main story? Well, a panel from School Castes appears in Eren's memories in the manga itself. Also, Isayama said in an interview that he liked the AU because, he said, "If possible, I want to draw something that is linked to the original manga’s universe. That’s how I’m approaching it now." 

    The manga has ended without definitively revealing a multiverse, which means the theory remains unproven. But who knows, maybe a sequel will come along and shake things up. 

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    Grisha Created The Titans

    Grisha Created The Titans
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    For a long time, nobody knew how the Titans had been created. While we know now that they began with Ymir Fritz and the Founding Titan, fans had ideas about it in the meantime. One popular theory was that Titans were created through scientific experimentation. Because he was seen turning Eren into a Titan using a mysterious liquid, some thought Grisha was the one behind all of Titan-kind.

    This seemed a little implausible due to Grisha's age, but a few reveals made it seem possible again. Ymir was once a mindless Titan, and she spent 60 years wandering aimlessly before becoming a Titan shifter with a human form that looked like the teenager she'd been when she was initially transformed. Grisha had also been a Titan once, so he could have been much older than initially assumed. 

    But while that detail helped the theory a little, it still turned out not to be true.