13 Popular MCU Fan Theories That Eventually Got Debunked

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is complex, to say the least. With over ten films and dozens of television shows, there's been a lot of speculation over the years about what will become canon. While some theories turned out to be correct, there were many others that have been debunked.

Let's take a look at some popular MCU fan theories from back in the day that actually held some weight. Fans had plenty of opinions about the location of the gauntlet stones, as well as which characters from the comics would show up. Vote up the most interesting fan theories below.

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    Odin Was An Original Stone Seeker

    From Redditor u/julbull73:

    The theory that works and still could hold is that Odin was a similiar Stone seeker.

    He at one point had Time (On Earth), Reality (In Bor's hidey hole), Space (On Earth) as documented already.

    It would also explain (if they don't go Odin force with Thor's source of power) his kids/people he trusts the most having very unique powers even for Asgard.

    Further, why the dwarves could forge a gauntlet as well as Thor's Stormbringer. They already were working on it. The gauntlet in his throne room the "model.”

    The only gap is how did he get the soul stone, but to that I think, what if he's the one who put it there? The soul for a soul step was very much in line with his Mjolnir enchantment.

    I doubt they'll go this path, but Odin being the reason the stones are so easily found AND the soul stone being in his possession being the reason he diverted from Hela would be near perfect.

    The only stones that may or may not have been in his grasp was the mind stone (Thanos got it from somewhere) and the power stone (which was outside the 9 realms, but again, maybe after Odin razed the planet, he set it there).

    Redditor u/Stoneheart7:

    I always heard a version of this theory that Odin successfully collected all but the Soul Stone (with Hela assisting him) but when he found out what he'd need to do to get it (sacrifice his daughter) he gave up on the whole thing. He didn't tell Hela what was required for it, so all she saw was her father giving up on what they'd fought so hard to accomplish.

    This is what led to their falling out, and him banishing her. After her banishment he stashed the rest of the stones, and did what he could to prevent others from attempting to gain them all.

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    Adam Warlock's Introduction

    From Redditor u/XM990:

    I haven’t seen anyone mention this but the idea came from the post-credits scene in Guardians 2. I thought FOR SURE the Sovereign had the Soul Stone and they were creating Adam Warlock with it. It would even fit the T.H.A.N.O.S. Theory because he is commonly referred to as HIM in the comics. Too bad.

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    'Age Of Ultron' Was Going To Be Much Darker

    From Redditor u/windmillninja:

    That Age of Ultron was going to be much darker than it was.

    Redditor u/eddiej21 added:

    I just rewatched the trailer. Wow, definitely looked dark and the trailer makes it seem like it’s gonna be an incredibly good movie. It definitely is a solid movie, but the trailer really gets ya.

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    Hela Will Switch Roles

    From Redditor u/Gueswhobaktelafren:

    Hela would play the role that Death did in the comics and Thanos would fall in love with her.

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    Inside The Soul Stone

    From Redditor u/NC_Goonie:

    The Soul Stone… all of the people that were 100% convinced and wouldn’t shut up about everyone who got snapped being "in the Soul Stone." 

    Redditor u/Noggin-a-Floggin added:

    It really didn’t help that after Thanos snapped, he saw a vision in an orange realm with young Gamora. People thought everyone snapped was going there.

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    The Location Of The Stones

    From Redditor u/DrBotanus:

    The whole THANOS acronym thing for the stones’ location (Tesseract, Orb, Necklace, etc).

    Redditor u/Neo_Spork added:

    It still works:


    Hurling your adopted daughter off a cliff





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