13 Popular ‘One Piece’ Fan Theories That Eventually Got Debunked

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One Piece has been airing since 1999, and the manga has been in print since 1997. This means that fans have had plenty of time to come up with theories about the series. While some theories turned out to be correct, others were debunked. Some would have been cool if they'd happened, while others easily qualify as some of the dumbest One Piece theories out there. 

Let's take a look at some of these crazy One Piece theories - and at some that are actually pretty awesome. Fans had a lot of opinions about characters who might have joined the Straw Hat crew. Rebecca might have made a good addition, but Caesar Clown? Not so much. Also, did you know that people used to think that Kaido was a Poneglyph that ate a Devil Fruit?


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    Yamato Ate The Neko-Neko Fruit: Model White Tiger

    As we know now, Yamato's Devil Fruit is the Dog-Dog Fruit, Model Okuchi-no-Makami. It allows Yamato to transform into an ancient wolf deity. Before this was revealed some people thought that her Devil Fruit might be the Neko Neko no Mi, Model: White Tiger instead.

    The reasoning was that white tigers represent guardianship and bringing peace to the land, which is something that Yamato is invested in. Also, Kanjuro's drawing of Ryunosuke was supposed to be a hint toward Kaido's dragon form. A white tiger also appeared in those drawings. A white tiger would have been an awesome transformation, but Yamato's canon transformation is no less so.

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    Tashigi And Kuina Are Twins (Or The Same Character)

    Tashigi And Kuina Are Twins (Or The Same Character)
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    Tashigi and Kuina are both talented sword fighters who look almost exactly the same. That's why Zoro has such a hard time talking to Tashigi - she looks just like his deceased childhood friend.

    Some fans thought that the resemblance was no coincidence. Some theories stated that they were actually twins. Others went even further and said that they were the same person.

    Both of these were proven to be untrue. Tashigi was shown as an only child in Chapter 0. Also, Oda drew both of them as kids, and they looked different enough that they couldn't have been the same person.

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    Rayleigh Was Wearing Sea Stone Sandals

    Silvers Rayleigh is able to kick Admiral Kizaru and actually do some damage. How was he able to do that when Kizaru can transform his body into pure light energy? The real answer is Haki, but when this happened, Haki wasn't really a well-known thing.

    Many fans theorized that he was able to stop Kizaru from activating his Devil Fruit by wearing Sea Stone sandals. Not completely absurd, but not accurate either.

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    Katakuri, Oven, And Daifuku Are Kaido's Sons

    There's a lot of room for speculation when it comes to the fathers of Big Mom's children, but one popular theory is definitely wrong. Many people think that the triplets Katakuri, Oven, and Daifuku are Kaido's sons. The reasoning varies, ranging from similar aesthetics to narrative fit.

    But during an interview (translated here), Oda said that this was not the case. Too bad, it was kind of a cool idea.

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    Shiryu Will Get Jozu's Devil Fruit

    Jozu is the 3rd division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates. His Devil Fruit, the Twinkle-Twinkle Fruit, lets him transform his body into diamond.

    One common theory states that Jozu will somehow pass away and Shiryu of the Blackbeard Pirates will end up eating his Devil Fruit. This is because Shiryu seemed like a likely opponent for Zoro, and cutting through diamond was something that Zoro hoped to eventually achieve. 

    So far, Jozu is still alive. As long as the series continues, that could change. But if he does perish, Shiryu won't be the one getting his Devil Fruit. That's because Shiryu ate the Clear-Clear Fruit, which gives him the power of invisibility. So far, the only character to be able to contain two Devil Fruits is Blackbeard - another exception is so unlikely that the theory can be considered debunked.

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    Kaido Was A Poneglyph

    Why is Kaido seemingly immortal? According to one theory, it's that he was never human to begin with - he was a Poneglyph that was fed a Devil Fruit. Inanimate objects do consume Devil Fruits, so there's no reason why a Poneglyph couldn't. Since they're supposed to be indestructible, this could explain Kaido's status.

    At this point, we know enough about Kaido's background to make this seem pretty implausible, but hey, it was an interesting idea at the time. 

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