27 Ways To Decorate Your Home On A Budget

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Decorating your home can be pricey, but it doesn't need to be. There are great ways to decorate your home on a budget, no matter what kind of style you're going for. With just bare necessities from your local hardware store, you can turn a barren room into a comfortable living area or a drab, cluttered kitchen into a vibrant communal cooking space.

Whether it be for an industrial dowtown loft, a rustic home on the countryside, or an aquatic-themed beach house, there's lots you can do to make your dream home a reality.

  • 1

    Decorate Your Walls With Well-Measured Photo Galleries

    Gallery walls fill empty space in your home with pictures or art you find important. It is, however, a good idea to measure and plan your gallery.

  • 2

    Utilize Mirrors In Small Rooms

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    Mirrors can open up any small room. If you need more light or want to make a room look bigger, you can use mirrors in a number of ways.

  • 3

    Use Metal Adhesive Hooks To Hang Your Curtains

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    Adhesive hooks are great for any renter; they allow you to easily hang anything, even curtains, without putting holes in your wall. Just place the adhesives on both sides of your window, allow them to set properly, hang your curtain rod and curtains on them, and voila! You've got curtains without risking your security deposit.

  • 4

    Use Cord Covers To Cover Your Cords

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    Cords can be one of the most irritating pieces of a modern home. They are unsightly, and, thanks to the ever-increasing presence of electronics in the modern home, they're everywhere.

    A good way to deal with them without drilling holes into your walls is by covering them up.

  • 5

    Make Your Own Roman Shades

    You don't need to pay exorbitant prices to get custom window treatment. Make your own Roman shades with items you can find around the house or purchase for very cheap.

  • 6

    Add Your Own Back Splashes To Your Kitchen Walls

    Good-looking kitchen back splashes don't require professional work or new tiles. You can use painter's tape and two different tones of paint to do it yourself.

  • 7

    Use Rope Instead Of Curtain Rings

    Instead of hanging your curtains with curtain rings, use rope. It will fit in with both a marine style home and a rustic countryside look.

  • 8

    Plump Up An Old Sofa

    After years of prolonged use, sofas begin to lose their cushion. Rather than buying a brand new sofa, you can refurbish it and stuff it yourself for much cheaper.

  • 9

    Floating Bookcases Can Fit In Any Home

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    Bookcases have two purposes: holding your books and filling out your home. But what if you can't properly fit any cheap bookcases in your home because of omnipresent skirting? Modify cheap Ikea shelves to make floating bookcases.

  • 10

    Soda Can Tabs Can Free Up Space In Your Closet

    Rather than throwing away everything from your soda cans, you can keep the tabs to use the room in your closet more efficiently. You can use them to hang a second hanger and double the holding capacity of your closet.

  • 11

    Engineer Prints Can Be A Cost-Effective Way To Adorn Your Walls

    Rather than having costly photography prints in your home, you can use engineer prints.

  • 12

    Hide Your Electronics In An Old Book

    Tired of seeing ugly electronics around your house? No worries, there are ways to hide those unsightly devices. To hide your modem or cable box, tear out the pages of a book and put the offending object inside.

  • 13

    Use Contact Paper To Replicate Chic Marble

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    Real marble can be expensive, but the look doesn't have to be. By using marble contact paper, you can make any surface look chic.

  • 14

    Greet Guests With A Painted Welcome Mat

    The first thing a guest will see when coming to your home is the front door and welcome mat. Rather than leaving it plain, use a stencil and paint to make it as interesting as the rest of your home.

  • 15

    Use Patterned Fabric As Wallpaper

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    Sometimes painted walls can be too plain, and wallpaper can be too expensive. You can instead use nicely designed fabrics to adorn your walls or doors with color.

  • 16

    Make Your Own Industrial Light Fixtures

    An industrial look can be fun for any home, but rather than paying inordinate amounts of money for new light fixtures, you can get some basic materials to make them yourself.

  • 17

    Use Colored Tape To Frame Your Photos

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    It can be hard to find the right frame for a photo, but you can create a colorful frame for a good price with designer tape.

  • 18

    Create Well-Lit Designs On Your Dark Lampshades

    Dark lampshades don't need to be plain; instead you can poke holes into your shades to make illuminated designs.

  • 19

    Make Your Own Blackout Roller Shades

    If you live in a brightly-lit neighborhood or just want custom shades, you can make them yourselves without having to know how to sew. 

  • 20

    Use Pennies As A Decorative Flair

    Rather than spending hundreds of dollars to decorate home furniture, you only need pennies and an adhesive.

  • 21

    Vintage Shutters Are Good For Decorating Empty Walls

    White walls can make a home feel unused and sterile. If you come across old, vintage shutters, you can paint them with accent colors and hang them to give your home an offbeat, crafty vibe.

  • 22

    Make Your Own Stylish Shelves With A Ladder And Planks Of Wood

    By bolting down 2x4 planks on the rungs of a wooden ladder using L-brackets, you can turn a mere ladder and 5 pieces of wood into a cheap, rustic set of shelves.

  • 23

    Use Sharpies To Turn Regular Lightbulbs Into Pieces Of Art

    Tired of regular white light bulbs? Do you find them dull and uninteresting? Grab a sharpie and doodle on them. It will give an artistic flair to your home.

  • 24

    Use Stencils To Create A Patterned Floor

    If you want patterned tiles in your bathroom or kitchen, you don't have to pull out any old tiles. Instead, buy paint, brushes and stencils to create your own beautiful floors.

  • 25

    Embroider Your Screen Doors

    Screen doors can be plain and unsightly, but you can add some fun by embroidering a design or a message for your guests.